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September 18th

Ottavio Stocchi (18-09-1906 - 04-03-1964) Italian composer

Ottavio Stocchi

Ottavio Stocchi mostly composed direct mates in 2 and was a leading twomover composer in the 1950s. He was also an International Judge and he left his name to a twomover theme.
Stocchi theme: Triple avoidance (n-fold avoidance) on self-blocks (at least three) played on the same square.
Oscar Bonivento compiled and commented his problems in "Raccolta completa dei 933 problemi di Ottavio Stocchi. Diagrammi e commenti dei 111 Primi Premi" (1995).

Stocchi, Ottavio
Tijdschrift vd KNSB, 1954
2nd Prize

#2 v 7 + 7

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Stocchi, Ottavio
L'Italia Scacchistica, 1937
1st Prize

#2 9 + 9

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Ivan Halic (18-09-1910 - 08-07-1978) Romanian composer

Ivan Halic was a Romanian chess champion of the inter-war period and he composed at least one endgame study.

Halic, Ivan
Revista de Şah, 1929 (0158)

= 5 + 6

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Kurt Friedrich Laib (18-09-1912 - 1989) German composer

Kurt Laib was a direct mate composer.

Laib, Kurt Friedrich
Deutsche Schachbund, 1934
1st Prize

#2 9 + 7

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Rainer Ehlers (18-09-1963 - 07-10-2011) German composer

Rainer Ehlers
[die Schwalbe]

Rainer Ehlers was a direct mate composer.
The obituary written by his brother Carsten, including several problems and many other details, can be read on "die Schwalbe" website (in German).

Ehlers, Rainer
Geburtstagsturnier Bo Lindgren 80 Jahre, Springaren, 2009
1st Prize

#7 11 + 15

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Oskar Korschelt (18-09-1853 - 04-07-1940) German composer

Oskar Korschelt was a chemist and chess collector who gathered around 100,000 problems.
He also introduced the game of Go to Europe. He is said to have composed "einige Stücke" but we have not found any.

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