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September 23rd

Gerardus Hendrikus Drese (23-09-1902 - 09-08-1980) Dutch composer and International Master

Gerardus Drese composed direct mates and selfmates. 62 of his problems were compiled in the 5th issue of Dr. Niemeijer's series "Probleemcomponisten".
He was an International Judge.

Drese, Gerardus Hendrikus
Ruy Lopez Chess Club Tourney, 1933-35
1st Prize

#3 8 + 11

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Drese, Gerardus Hendrikus
Probleemblad, 1951
1st Prize

s#2 7 + 7

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Rafael Candela Sanz (23-09-1908 - 13-09-1993) Spanish composer

Rafael Candela Sanz

Rafael Candela Sanz was a chess player, International Judge for chess composition and chess composer. He composed direct mates, selfmates (see for instance this s#3), helpmates, retro or fairy problems (especially reflex mates such as this one).

Candela Sanz, Rafael
Problemas, 1963
3rd Prize

#2 vvv 12 + 8

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Friedrich Burchard (23-09-1914 - 23-02-1994) German composer

Friedrich Burchard is a solver and composer of direct mate problems.

Burchard, Friedrich
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1964 (1864)

#4 8 + 9

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Vilém Kijonka (23-09-1915 - ?) Czech composer

Vilém Kijonka composes direct mates.

Kijonka, Vilém
Parallèle 50, 1947

#3 6 + 12

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Эдуард Яковлевич Лившиц (23-09-1938) Russian-Ukrainian composer and International Master (Eduard Yakovlevich Livshitz)

Eduard Livshitz composes direct mates.

Лившиц, Эдуард Яковлевич
Первенство УССР 1958
1st Prize

#2 vv 7 + 10

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Bastiaan Evert De Haas (23-09-1939) Dutch composer

Bas de Haas composes direct mates, helpmates and fairy problems. In 1998 he wrote an interesting article in Probleemblad (July-August issue) about Equihopper problems, which Juraj Lörinc echoed on his website.

De Haas, Bastiaan Evert
Probleemblad, 1992
1st Prize

#2c8, e7, d6, h5, a1: Equihopper
8 + 9

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Александр Петрович Максимовских (23-09-1939) Russian composer and FIDE Master (Aleksandr Petrovich Maksimovskikh)

Aleksandr Maksimovskikh
[Grigory Popov]

Aleksandr Maksimovskikh has composed other 1,000 direct mates, helpmates and endgame studies. He is also an International Judge.

Максимовских, Александр Петрович
Молодой ленинец (Курган) 1972
1st Prize

#2 vvvv 11 + 8

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Максимовских, Александр Петрович
Молодой ленинец (Курган) 1976
1st Prize

= 3 + 4

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Сергій Комаров (23-09-1945 - 01-02-2008) Ukrainian composer (Sergiy Komarov)

Sergiy Komarov composes mostly helpmates.

Комаров, Сергій
Московский конкурс 1985
2nd Prize

h#52 solutions 3 + 10

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Jan Heribert Knöppel (23-09-1918 - 15-07-1995) Swedish composer and International Master

Jan Heribert Knöppel
[Problem 127-132, 1969, page 102]

Jan Knöppel was an International Master and also a FIDE judge in his specialty, direct mates in two moves.
He was an editor for Springaren and Stella Polaris.

Knöppel, Jan Heribert
Eskilstuna-Kuriren 1952

#2*vv 5 + 4

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Knöppel, Jan Heribert
Springaren 1950
1st Prize

s#3 13 + 10

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