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August 21st

Guy Wills Chandler (21-08-1889 - 28-05-1980) British composer

Guy W. Chandler
[Chess Pie 1922; scan by M. McDowell]

Guy W. Chandler wrote "A tribute to G.F. Anderson" (1974) as an homage to composer G.F.Anderson. In 1997 John D. Beasley, who as a librarian of the British Chess Problem Society had received in custody a scrapbook containing all Chandler's published compositions, wrote "A tribute to G.W.Chandler" where he characterized him in the following way:
"Guy Wills Chandler was a leading figure in British problem chess for more than half a century. His compositions, although not prolific, were always polished and entertaining, he was a staunch defender of traditional artistic values, and the burden of administrative work which he undertook was legendary. This tribute outlines his problem career, examines his critical standpoint, and presents a selection of his best problems."
His twomovers were in the "Good Companions" style, while his threemovers were in the Bohemian style and presented a blend of model mates.
Comins Mansfield sent his problems to the "Hampshire Telegraph & Post", where Guy Chandler was the chess editor. They became friends until the 1980s when they both died.
Guy Chandler was also an International Judge and the president of the British Chess Problem Society during the period 1956-1958.

Chandler, Guy Wills
British Chess Federation 73rd Tourney (Godfrey Heathcote Memorial) 1952
2nd Prize, 1952-1953

#2 9 + 11

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Chandler, Guy Wills
Observer, 1954

#3 6 + 8

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Werner Speckmann (21-08-1913 - 23-02-2001) German composer and International Master

Werner Speckmann

International Judge, he was a specialist of miniature logical problems. He wrote "Strategie im Schachproblem" in 1959, "Das logische Schachproblem" and "Schachminiaturen" in 1965, "Kleinste Schachaufgaben" in 1970. He composed mostly miniatures and was the editor of the problem section of the "Deutsche Schachzeitung" from 1973 till 1988.

He was also interested in fairy chess and was the inventor of the fairy piece "Superpawn".
Lothar Speckmann created the website to his memory.
More reading: his obituary by Colin Russ published in "The Problemist", May 2001.

Speckmann, Werner
Olympia-Turnier, 1960
2nd Prize

#6 4 + 6

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Speckmann, Werner
Deutsche Schachblätter, 1951
1st Prize

#4 7 + 2

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Jean-Michel Trillon (21-08-1929 - 01-03-2007) French composer and FIDE Master

Jean-Michel Trillon was a fairy problemist. The French magazine "Phenix" published a few articles in homage to his kind personality (px 160/2007) and Jean Bertin published the anthology "J.-M. Trillon" including 200 of his problems in the 1980s.

Jean-Michel Trillon invented the fairy condition Sentinelles Angevines. The fairy condition Sentinelles requests that a pawn is added on the departure square of the moving officer (the pawn being of the same colour as the officer). The Sentinelles Angevines adds the requirement that the position should be legal until mate. Trillon was attracted by retro problems as well, which is best shown by the following problem:

Trillon, Jean-Michel
diagrammes, 1976 (RA30)
1st Prize

#1 b) + wPf4
       c)  = b) +bPb4
   12 + 6

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Trillon, Jean-Michel
TT, feenschach, 1971
2nd Prize

h#5 2 + 10

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Erich Bartel (21-08-1930) German composer

Thomas Brand, Erich Bartel, Elmar Bartel and Gerd Wilts, Haar 2005
[mpk-Blaetter 12/2010]

Erich Bartel is specialized in fairy problems of all kinds. He's especially fond of the Valladao task (castle + promotion + en passant capture in the same line of play), which he has achieved with many fairy pieces. The term Bartel-Theme is common for problems showing promotion to fairy pieces only.

He collaborated with the magazines "feenschach" (1964-84), "Jugendschach" the club magazine of chess club 'SK Kriegshaber' in Augsburg (1978-89), and with "Problemkiste" since 1982. He wrote "Serienzugrekorde" (1978, with G. Glass), "Umwandlungen in Märchenfiguren" (1983/1993, with his son Elmar Bartel and H. Gruber), "Einzüger-Rekorde mit minimalem Material" (1984) and articles "AUW im Einsteiner" and "Epauletten im Wenigsteiner" (each 2002). [details kindly provided by Manfred Rittirsch]
Erich Bartel wrote an article about the fairy variant 'Patt-Schach' in "Variant Chess" Jan-March 1991.

Bartel, Erich
König & Turm, 2003 (U293)

7 + 6

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Кирил Н. Стоянов (21-08-1937) Bulgarian composer (Kiril N. Stoyanov)

Kiril Stoyanov is a direct mate composer.

Стоянов, Кирил Н.
Olympia-Turnier, 1964
3rd Prize

#3 10 + 10

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  1. Additional info to Erich Bartel:
    Collaborator feenschach 1964-84. Book 'Serienzugrekorde' 1978 (with G. Glass). Co-Editor of 'Jugendschach' 1978-89 (club magazine of chess club 'SK Kriegshaber' in Augsburg), Editor of magazine 'Problemkiste' since 1982. Book 'Umwandlungen in Märchenfiguren' 1983/1993 (with his son Elmar Bartel and H. Gruber), book 'Einzüger-Rekorde mit minimalem Material' 1984. Articles 'AUW im Einsteiner', 'Epauletten im Wenigsteiner (each 2002). The term Bartel-Theme is common for problems showing promotion to fairy pieces only.

    1. Thank you Manfred ! The info has been included.

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