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August 17th

Михаил Моисеевич Ботвинник (17-08-1911 - 05-05-1995) Russian composer and o.t.b World Champion (Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinnik)

Mikhail Botvinnik

You all know Mikhail Botvinnik already (if not, please immediately read the Wikipedia page), but were you aware that he also composed endgame studies while he was World Champion?

Ботвинник, Михаил Моисеевич
Шахматы в СССР 1939
4th Prize

+ 3 + 3

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Bjørn Enemark (17-08-1941) Danish composer

Bjørn Enemark

Bjørn Enemark made his debut as a composer in 1997. He composes helpmates, fairy and retro problems.
He is the Danish delegate at the WFCC, a computer programmer and the webmaster of website And of course he was a collaborator of "Thema Danicum" and the founder of the Danish magazine "Problemskak".

Enemark, Bjørn
Quartz 5th TT, 2003-2004
2nd Prize

7 + 8
Eiffel Chess:
A Knight threatened by a Pawn is paralysed.
A Bishop threatened by a Knight is paralysed.
A Rook threatened by a Bishop is paralysed.
A Queen threatened by a Rook is paralysed.
A Pawn threatened by a Queen is paralysed.

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Bruno Stucker (17-08-1961) Swiss composer

Bruno Stucker is the co-editor of the Swiss magazine "idee & form" with Thomas Maeder. He composes direct mates and helpmates.

Stucker, Bruno
Die Schwalbe, 1989
1st Prize

h#2b) bPg4->g5
c) +bPf5
d) bKf4->h3
7 + 6

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Анатолий Викторович Стёпочкин (17-08-1962) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Anatoly Viktorovich Styopochkin)

Anatoly Styopochkin

Anatoly Styopochkin composes direct mates, helpmates, and more recently fairy problems with Koeko and Maximummer conditions. He has composed more than 1000 problems, with excellent results in the highly competitive Russian championships. You can have a look at the problems quoted by Grigory Popov on his website and here are two other examples:

Стёпочкин, Анатолий Викторович
Thema Danicum, 1991
1st Prize

#3 14 + 12

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Стёпочкин, Анатолий Викторович
JT A.Semenenko & V.Semenenko, 2009
2nd Prize

h#22 solutions
b) bKd4->e4
10 + 12

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Leo Mano (17-08-1962) Brazilian composer

Leonardo Mano composes direct mates and selfmates, but also retro problems such as this one.
He was the initiator of a chess problem collection that could be downloaded from his website, nowadays accessible from the website whose webmaster he is: the Brazilian problemists' website. He also created the Forsyth Chess Editor which is compatible with Popeye solving software.

Mano, Leonardo
Belliboni Memorial, UPB 2001-2002

#2  7 + 6

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Reino Oskar Ljungman (17-08-1911 - 02-02-1979) Finnish composer

Reino Ljungman composed mostly direct mates and studies.

Ljungman, Reino Oskar
Helsingin Sanomat, 20 Jul 1941

#3  6 + 7

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