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August 27th

John Frederick Keeble (27-08-1855 - 19-02-1939) British composer

John Keeble
[Source: scan by M. McDowell]

John Keeble was a chess player/problem composer/chess historian. During the Ken Whyld Association (KWA) annual meeting this year, as reported by Tim Harding at ChessCafe, John Keeble was the subject of a talk by KWA treasurer Michael Negele:
"Keeble, who never married and lived very frugally, worked for fifty-three years as a railway clerk, rarely taking a day off. He conducted a chess column in the Norfolk News for several years before the First World War but only started playing tournaments in 1925, a few years after his retirement."
He wrote the book "An English Bohemian: A tribute to B.G. Laws" which can be downloaded here.


Keeble, John Frederick
Chess Monthly, 1891

s#2 10 + 9

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Georg Katz (27-08-1894 - ?) German composer

Georg Katz was a direct mate composer.

Katz, Georg
Schach (magazine) 1967 (5373)
1st Commendation

#4 8 + 12

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Leopold Mieczysław Szwedowski (27-08-1932) Polish composer and International Master

Eugeniusz Iwanow, Waldemar Tura, Andrej Seliwanow, Leopold Szwedowski and Piotr Murdzia

Leopold Szwedowski is a direct mate, helpmate and selfmate composer. He is an International Judge for direct mates and selfmates.

Szwedowski, Leopold Mieczysław
The Probblemist, 1991
4th Prize

s#3 9 + 14

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Timo Kallio (27-08-1960) Finnish composer

Timo Kallio
[© Hannu Harkola]

Timo Kallio composes in all genres - direct mates, selfmates, helpmates and fairy problems.

Kallio, Timo
Jubilé Turku, 1990
1st Prize

#3 8 + 12

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