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August 8th

Ferenc Herpai (08-08-1910 - 16-11-1994) Hungarian composer

Ferenc Herpai
Ferenc Herpai was a twomover specialist.
He lent his name to a twomover theme:
Two dual avoidance variations close the two same black lines. One of the mates uses one of the closings, and the other mate the second closing.
A brillliant example by H.Ahues can be found here and an example by Herpai himself here.
He also composed helpmates.

Herpai, Ferenc
Die Schwalbe, 1936
1st Prize

#2 9 + 9

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Vladimír Bosík (08-08-1933) Slovak composer

Vladimír Bosík composed direct movers.

Bosík, Vladimír
Československý šach, 1957
3rd HM

#3 7 + 11

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Vladimír Pribylinec (08-08-1954) Slovak composer

Vladimir Pribylinec
[Facebook profile]

Cubic Chess is a chess variant invented by Vladimir Pribylinec beginning with an early version (named Echos) in 1977. The rules can be read here and the playable Java game can be downloaded from the same website.
 Vladimir Pribylinec composes twomovers.

Pribylinec, Vladimír
Šachové umění 1981

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Абрам Яковлевич Рыраховский (08-08-1913 - 28-09-2000) Russian-American composer (Abram Yakovlevich Ryrakhovsky)

Abram Ryrakhovsky composed twomovers in the 1920s and 1930s. He later migrated to the USA, settled in Massachusetts and played in chess tournaments until 1998. You can see 3 of his 1998 games here.

Рыраховский, Абрам Яковлевич
Шахматный листок, 1929 (19/1023)

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