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September 1st

Alfred Wornum Mongrédien (01-09-1877 - 26-02-1954) British composer

Alfred Mongrédien was one of the great composers who promoted the logical problems. The results of his works were published in A. White's Christmas Series under the title "Antiform" (1929) co-authored by F. Palatz: it can be downloaded here.

Alfred Mongrédien composed strategic and economic moremovers in generally 4 moves. He also composed a twomover cylinder chess problem (see on

Mongrédien, Alfred Wornum
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1934

#4 6 + 10

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Mongrédien, Alfred Wornum
Chemnitzer Tageblatt, 1925
1st Prize

#5 8 + 11

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Antti Gottfried Ojanen (01-09-1916 - 26-06-1988) Finnish composer

Antti Ojanen composed direct mates and selfmates. One of his specialties was the Albino/Pickaninny theme.

Ojanen, Antti Gottfried
Tidskrift för Schack, 1974
2nd Prize

s#4 11 + 6

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Tsedevin Ser-Od (01-09-1926 - 20-09-2011) Mongolian composer

Tsedevin Ser-Od seems to have composed only threemovers.

Ser-Od, Tsedevin
S.Chimedtseren-60 JT, 1992
2nd Prize

#3 12 + 7

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Юрий Яковлев (01-09-1932) Russian composer (Yuri Yakovlev)

Yuri Yakovlev composes direct mates and helpmates.

Яковлев, Юрий
Canadian Chess Chat, Sep 1982 (829)

h#2b) wBg1->a7 4 + 10

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Reinhardt Fiebig (01-09-1937) German composer

Reinhardt Fiebig

Reinhardt Fiebig composes mostly helpmates, but also direct mates and selfmates.

Fiebig, Reinhardt
Magyar Sakkélet, 1984
1st Prize

#5 4 + 6

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Fiebig, Reinhardt
The Problemist, 2000 (p.484 11/2000)

h#6 2 + 4

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Josef Burda (01-09-1943) Czech composer

Josef Burda

Josef Burda wrote a series of books: "Vyber dvojtazek 1967-97" (1998), "Rudolf Solarczyk a sachovy problem" (1999), "50 tritahovych sachovych uloh" (2007) etc (more on Vaclav Kotesovec's website).
He composes direct mates.
As noted by I.Skoba, Mr. Burda is also regularly the director of the Czech Solving Championship.
He edits the magazine "Řešitelský zpravodaj". The scanned issues can be read on V. Kotesovec's website, for instance issue no.28/2015.

Burda, Josef
Zemědělské noviny, 1992
1st Prize

#3 9 + 12

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Michael Pfannkuche (01-09-1956) German composer

Michael Pfannkuche, 2009

Michael Pfannkuche was twice Solving World Champion and holds the title of Grand Master in solving. He occasionally composes problems.

Pfannkuche, Michael
Schach-Report, 1991

#5 4 + 8

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Валерий Геннадьевич Смирнов (01-09-1964) Russian composer (Valery Gennadyevich Smirnov)

Valery Smirnov composes direct mates, selfmates and helpmates.

Смирнов, Валерий Геннадьевич
Probleemblad, 1997 (H048)
2nd Prize

h#52.1.1... 3 + 4

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František Hladik (01-09-1901 - 18-09-1971) Czech composer

František Hladik
[Parallèle-50, 19 novembre 1948]

František Hladik was a representative of the Bohemian school of chess composition. He was also very interested in strategic themes and logical problems, as stated in a short portrait in Parallèle-50, 19 novembre 1948.

Hladík, František
Parallèle 50, 3 Mar 1950 (1381)
3rd Prize

#3 6 + 12

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  1. Josef Burda is the present Czech composer. He is regularly the director of Czech solving championship.

    1. Thank you for that comment.
      I have corrected the mistake and added the link to issue 28/2015 of "Řešitelský zpravodaj".