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August 24th

Aurél Kárpáti (24-08-1916 - 22-12-2006) Hungarian-American composer and International Master

Aurél Kárpáti

Aurél Kárpáti was an excellent representative of the Hungarian helpmate school and he also composed selfmates.
He was for a short time the editor of "Magyar Sakkvilag" and he wrote "Ábrand és valóság : Kárpáti Aurél válogatott feladványai" (Fact and fiction: Selected problems of Aurel Karpati)

Kárpáti, Aurél M.
Magyar Sakkszövetség, 1968

h#2b) wQa4-->a5 8 + 11

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Kárpáti, Aurél M.
Magyar Sakkélet, Dec 1968 (3561)

h#2 7 + 9

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Hendricus B.F.Henk Boumeester (24-08-1917 - 13-01-2004) Dutch composer

Henk Boumeester composed mostly heterodox problems.

Boumeester, Hendricus B. F. Henk
Arbejder-Skak, 1952

s#5 9 + 5

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Dragutin Bišćan (24-08-1923 - 14-12-2004) Croatian composer

Drago composed direct mates, helpmates and selfmates. Let's just quote this homage by Nikola Predrag [broken link] just after his death:
"For the achievements in pedagogy, journalism and chess composition he was highly awarded. He earned the title of national chess problem master in 1971. More than 500 of his compositions were published, one fourth of them awarded, in various domestic and international magazines. Croatian problemists have lost a deserving colleague and above all a good friend. The inspiring memory of Drago Biscan, his animating temper and unique art, remains vivid."

Bišćan, Dragutin
Probleemblad, 1966
2nd Prize

#6 11 + 12

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Vladimir Zabunov (24-08-1928) Bulgarian composer and FIDE Master

Vladimir Zabunov composes selfmates and direct mates, sometimes with fairy pieces and/or conditions. He is also an International Judge.
The Zabunov theme requests that the front piece of a battery is then rear piece of another battery.

Zabunov, Vladimir N.
1st WCCT, 1972
1st Place, 1972-1975

s#2 11 + 13

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Bernd Ellinghoven (24-08-1953 - 13-11-2023) German composer and International Master

bernd ellinghoven, Messigny 2000
[Christian Poisson]

Bernd Ellinghoven, or bernd ellinghoven as he usually signed, composed generally helpmates or fairy direct mates. He became International Master in 2005. He was also an International Judge, the chief editor of the German magazine "feenschach" and together with Denis Blondel, prematurely deceased in summer 2012, he was the co-editor of the FIDE Albums and of a remarkable chess problems book collection, "Feenschach - Phenix".
He enjoyed composing with his friends - Hans Peter Rehm, Fadil Abdurahmanovic, Zdravko Maslar, Hans Gruber, Kjell Widlert, etc.

Ellinghoven, Bernd & Rehm, Hans Peter
feenschach, 1990
1st Prize

h#3b) Kc5->g2
7 + 11

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Abdurahmanović, Fadil & Ellinghoven, Bernd
idee & form, 2000
2nd Prize

h#5  2 + 4

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Hans Gruber (24-08-1960) German composer

Hans Gruber & Volker Gülke, 2006

Hans Gruber is a composer and very strong solver specialized in fairy chess and retro problems. He has been collaborating with "feenschach" since 1978 and he is also the president of die Schwalbe, the German association of problemists.
He has displayed a tremendous activity as an International Judge.

Gruber, Hans
Problemkiste, 1983

PG 16 + 16

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Michael McDowell (24-08-1962) British composer

Michael McDowell, Jesi 2011

Michael McDowell is the vice president of the BCPS and editor of the BCPS website.
He wrote the booklet "A Selection of Chess Problems by G.C.Alvey" (2004)
Michael McDowell is an International Judge and FIDE Master in solving.

Mcdowell, Michael
The Observer, 1987
1st Prize

#2 v 9 + 8

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Mcdowell, Michael
15th TT Chess Composition Microweb, 30th Sep 2004 (H06)
2nd HM

h# 7 + 5

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Veikko August Hynönen (24-08-1920 - 22-05-1985) Finnish composer and FIDE Master

Veikko Hynönen

Veikko Hynönen composed problem in all genres (studies, direct mates, helpmates, selfmates and fairy problems) in the spirit of the strategic and logical schools.
Matti Myllyniemi, Kari Valtonen and Jorma Paavilainen wrote an anthology of his problems.
A selection of his studies can be found on the ARVES site.

Hynönen, Veikko August
Die Schwalbe, 1981 (3497)
4th Prize

#6 8 + 5

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