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August 15th

Wolfgang Pauly (15-08-1876 - 03-03-1934) Romanian composer

Wolfgang Pauly

Wolfgang Pauly composed about between 4000 and 5000 problems in all genres. He collaborated with Alain C. White on several works of the Christmas series: "The White Rooks" (1910), "The Theory of Pawn Promotion" (1912) or "Asymmetry" (1927).

A first compilation of his works was published in 1948 by Dr Niemeijer, under the title "Zo sprak Wolfgang Pauly". A much extended compilation, including letters and problems from Pauly's own archives was published by Marian Stere in 2001 under the title "Wolfgang Pauly - Challenge of a Legacy". The Wolfgang Pauly archives are now at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek - National library of the Netherlands.

He is the author of problem themes such as the Perpetuum Mobile (also called the Pauly theme).

Pauly, Wolfgang
The Theory of Pawn-Promotion, 1912

#4 13 + 7

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Pauly, Wolfgang
Norwich Mercury, 1908
4th Prize

s#4 12 + 2

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Pauly, Wolfgang
Die Schwalbe, 1931 (1444/03/1931)
Dedicated to P.Leibovici und O.Costachel

h#3*    b) after the key of a)    3 + 2

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Karl Harder (15-08-1903 - 10-06-1978) German composer

Karl Harder was a self-taught chess player and composed moremovers. He started in the 1920s, made a break between the 1930s and resumed chess composition in the 1970s. His pet theme was the Treffpunkt - a reciprocal junction controlled by several pieces, whose control is alternately eliminated in several variations.

Harder, Karl
FIDE-Turnier, 1926
1st Prize

#3 9 + 13

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Erwin Moritz Herbert Guttmann (15-08-1909 - 25-12-1980) German composer

Erwin Moritz Herbert Guttmann
[Kartothek A-K page 110]

Erwin Guttmann has composed more than 600 chess problems.
In 1962 he published the book "Minimalprobleme" which is a compilation of minimal problems, his specialty (White only has a King and another piece in a minimal problem).
The superb minimal #5 is already quoted on Wikipedia. The following moremover is also interesting:

Guttmann, Erwin Moritz Herbert
Miniatures Strategiques, 1935

#4 4 + 3

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Александр Сергеевич Каковин (15-08-1910 - ?) Russian composer (Aleksandr Sergeyevich Kakovin)

Aleksandr Kakovin has published more than 400 works, of which more than half were endgame studies. He composed many studies with Filip Bondarenko.
This study is already quoted on Wikipedia so let's try this other one:

Каковин, Александр Сергеевич
Tidskrift för Schack, 1960 (0895)
3rd Prize

Black To Move
5 + 4

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Gino Mentasti (15-08-1913 - 29-11-2002) Italian composer and Honorary Master

Gino Mentasti

Gino Mentasti composed about 650 problems, most of them twomovers. He founded the Italian problem chess magazine "Sinfonie Scacchistiche" and collaborated with other Italian magazines. He was an International Judge and the Italian delegate at PCCC.
He wrote in 1977 "Prontuario del problemista: terminologia del problema di scacchi".

Mentasti, Gino
La Presse, 1936
1st-2nd Prize

#2 11 + 9

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Виктор Сергеевич Лукашёв (15-08-1942) Russian composer (Viktor Sergeyevich Lukashiov)

Viktor Lukashiov composes direct mates.

Лукашёв, Виктор Сергеевич
Suomen Shakki, 1996
3rd HM

#3 10 + 6

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Владимир Афанасьевич Шматов (15-08-1948) Russian composer (Vladimir Afanasievich Shmatov)

Vladimir Shmatov

Vladimir Shmatov is a strong player and solver and a direct mate composer.

Шматов, Владимир Афанасьевич
Šachmatija, 2011 (2/2159)

#3 4 + 3

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