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August 25th

Alexander Karel Nanning (25-08-1878 - 1936) Dutch composer

Alexander Nanning was one of Frederik Nanning's three brothers.

Nanning, Alexander Karel
L'Échiquier de France, 1957
1st Prize

#2b) bRg6->f6 11 + 11

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Jacques Negro (25-08-1921 - 2008) French composer

Jacques Negro was the editor of the renowned chess problem column of the newspaper "Nice Matin". He is also the author of chess initiation books such as "Les Echecs en dix leçons". You may read this homage to him in French on chess&strategy.
He composed direct mates.

Negro, Jacques
Problemas, 1991 (922)
1st Comm.

#2 9 + 6

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Adolfs Grigorjewitsch Feldmanis (25-08-1933) Belarus-Latvian composer

Adolfs Feldmanis is a helpmate composer.

Feldmanis, Adolfs Grigorjewitsch
Šachmatija, 2011 (1/2138)

h#6 3 + 2

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Noam D. Elkies (25-08-1966) Israeli composer

Noam Elkies, 2007

Noam Elkies is a mathematician, musician and Harvard professor (the youngest full professor in the history of Harvard). More details about him can be found on Wikipedia or in this article. You may read his own presentation of his chess achievements here.
He was the World Champion in solving in 1996. He composes direct mate and endgame studies, but mostly retro problems and tasks.

Elkies, Noam D.
Hastings Ty EG, 1995
4th Prize

+ 5 + 6

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  1. Nanning, Alexander Karel
    L'Échiquier de France, 1957
    1st Prize

    twin: b) g6->f6

    1.c4? [2.Bd3,Rd4‡]
    1…Bd6 2.Q×c6‡
    1…Rd6 2.Sc5‡
    but 1…Q×d8!

    1.Rd6! [2.Sc5,Q×c6‡]
    1…Bc4 2.Rd4‡
    1…Rc4 2.Bd3‡
    1…Ra5 2.Rd4‡

    1.Rd6? [2.Sc5,Q×c6‡]
    1…Bc4 2.Rd4‡
    1…Rc4 2.Bd3‡
    1…Ra5 2.Rd4‡
    but 1…Qg8!

    1.c4! [2.Bd3,Rd4‡]
    1…Bd6 2.Q×c6‡
    1…Rd6 2.Sc5‡

    1. Thank you Imanol ! The b) twin has been added.