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August 2nd

Carlo Borgatti (02-08-1879 - 05-12-1915) Italian composer

Carlo Borgatti composed threemovers.

Borgatti, Carlo
The Western Daily Mercury, 1915
2nd Prize

#3 8 + 4

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Francisc Szalay (02-08-1896 - ?) Romanian composer

Francisc Szalay composed direct mates.

Szalay, F.
Revista Română de Şah, 1977 (3795)

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Aleksandr Vasilyeviç Sarıçev (02-08-1909 - 07-12-1986) Russian-Azerbaijani composer and International Master (Aleksandr Vasilyevich Sarychev) and Kirill Vasilyeviç Sarıçev (02-08-1909 - 12-02-1950) (Kirill Sarychev)

Aleksandr Sarychev

Aleksandr Sarychev composed mostly endgame studies, many of them in collaboration with his brother Kirill.
The domination study awarded in Vechernaya Moskva 1930 is one of the best known of their efforts. Here is another famous one:

Sarıçev, Aleksandr Vasilyeviç & Sarychev, Kirill
Шахматный листок 1928 (336)

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Sarıçev, Aleksandr Vasilyeviç
Friendship-200 JT Achalgazdra Kommunisti, 1983
5th Prize

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György (George) Grätzer (02-08-1936) Hungarian-Canadian composer

György Grätzer

György Grätzer composes direct mates and endgame studies.

Grätzer, György
Magyar Sakkélet, 1957

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Василь Дмитрович Ласій (02-08-1936) Ukrainian composer (Vasyl Dmitrovich Lasiy)

Vasyl Lasiy composes helpmates and selfmates.

Ласій, Василь Дмитрович
МК В.Брон-100, 2009
3rd Commendation

s#14 12 + 8

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Феликс Вульфович Россомахо (02-08-1937 - 13-08-2021) Russian composer and FIDE Master (Felix Vulfovich Rossomakho)

Felix Rossomakho

Felix Rossomakho learnt chess composition together with his brother Yakov under instructor B.N. Nazarov. His favourite stipulation was mate in 3, but he also composed moremovers.

Россомахо, Феликс Вульфович
Задачи и этюды 1999
1st Prize

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Philippe Robert (02-08-1938 - 17-04-2016) French composer and FIDE Master

Philippe Robert composed direct mates in two moves and was the two-mover editor of Phénix magazine.

In a short obituary on MatPlus, Michel Caillaud wrote that Philippe Robert was "a surgeon by profession, deeply involved in humanitarian action. Every year, he spent long periods in Africa as a benevolent helping in hospitals. He actively participated in organizations "Médecins sans Frontières" (co-founder), "Terre des Hommes - France" (vice president) and "Enfance et Partage" (president)."

Robert, Philippe
The Problemist, 1996
3rd Prize

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Marcel van Herck (02-08-1948) Belgian composer

Marcel van Herck composes occasionally and is a good solver.

Van Herck, Marcel
L'Echiquier Belge, 1983

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Verner Skovlund Jensen (02-08-1927 - 23-06-1993) Danish composer

Verner Skovlund

Verner Skovlund played the violin in the Danish Radio Entertainment Orchestra and the Royal Danish Orchestra.
He composed mostly selfmates and fairy problems and was "led into the mysteries" of chess problems by K.A.K.Larsen. For more details and for another brilliant series problem, see this Problemskak webpage.

Jensen, Verner Skovlund
1st Prize
Thema Danicum 1978

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  1. What does Van Herck' T-shirt say or mean? :)

  2. FIDE with KIRSAN and KIRSAN with FIDE

    it does not mean that I am a fan of Ilyumzhinov, it was a gift to all participants of the Chess Olympiad in Bled 2002 ( I was belgian team captain )