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August 1st

Karl Lorenz Jesper Jespersen (01-08-1848 - 07-08-1914) Danish composer

Jesper Jespersen

Jesper Jespersen composed direct movers. For more details about him, please visit Problemskak.dk (in Danish).
He also composed about 40 studies [thank you Alain!] with good results: 1st Prize, La Stratégie 1900-2, 3rd Prize Rigaer Tageblatt 1895.

Jespersen, Karl Lorenz Jesper
Southern Trade Gazette, 1883
2nd Place

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Albert M. Burmeister (01-08-1870 - 06-01-1940) Estonian composer

Albert M. Burmeister composed direct mates such as the following one:

Burmeister, Albert M.
Одесские новости 1906
2nd Prize

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Τριαντάφυλλος Σιαπέρας (01-08-1932 - 25-02-1994) Greek composer (Triantafyllos Siaperas)

T. Siaperas
[Source: Emmanuel Manolas]

For a complete biography and considerations about the chess player, composer and teacher Triantafyllos Siaperas and his achievements, please read Emmanuel Manolas.
Siaperas seemed fond of the Bristol theme: you can see here a B-Q Bristol for both White and Black in a fourmover and here R-Q Bristols in another fourmover.

Siaperas, Triantafilos
Sah, 1948
1st Prize

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Barry Peter Barnes (01-08-1937) British composer and International Master

Barry Barnes by Jean Barnes
[Source: BritishChessNews]

Barry Barnes is a twomover specialist. He wrote "The Two-Move Chess Problem" in 1966 together with John Rice and Michael Lipton. He is also International Judge for twomovers.
He has been a problem editor in the british magazines "The Problemist" and the "British Chess Magazine".
Barry Barnes is the author of "Advanced Chess Problems and How to Solve Them" (2003), "Complete Mansfield" a three-volume anthology of Mansfield's almost complete output of 1200 problems (1996-99) or "Pick of the Best Chess Problems" containing English Meredith problems.

Barnes, Barry Peter
Die Schwalbe, 1960
1st Prize

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Wolgang Alexander Bruder (01-08-1942) German composer

Wolfgang Bruder composes direct mates, especially with a lone black King (Rex Solus) or a black King accompanied by a single black unit.
Wolfgang A. Bruder is also the founder of Problem-Forum magazine (see here) and a collector of miniature problems. [Thank you Manfred!]

Bruder, Wolfgang Alexander
Europa Rochade, Aug 1993 (1352)

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  1. Wolfgang A. Bruder is also the founder of Problem-Forum magazine (see http://www.berlinthema.de/Forum.htm) and a collector of miniature problems.

  2. Thank you Manfred, the information has been included into the post.