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July 16th

August Alexander Johann von Cywinski de Puchala (16-07-1829 - 01-01-1905) Austrian composer

August von Cywinski de Puchala composed direct mates. Ralf Krätschmer quotes Kohtz & Kockelkorn, who wrote in their book "Das indische Problem" in 1903: "Wir halten ihn für einen der größten Schachstrategen" [We consider him as one of the greatest chess strategist] while Walther von Holzhausen thought he was the most significant foreplan master of the early period ("als den bedeutendsten Vorplan-Meister der Frühzeit").

Ralf Krätschmer provides more details on his site

Von Cywinski De Puchala, August Alexander Johann
Illustrirtes Familien-Journal, 1858

#4 8 + 10

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James C. Rayner (16-07-1859 - 04-06-1898) British composer

James Rayner

James Rayner was Thomas Rayner Dawson's uncle, but this is not the only reason why he is cited here. He was himself a "noted chess problemist who edited B.C.M. problem pages from 1889 until his death in 1898" (The Problemist website). His successor at BCM was B.G. Laws.
He also wrote in 1890 the book "Chess problems: their composition & solution".

Rayner, James
Lebanon Herald, 1889
1st Prize

#3 6 + 9

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Владимир Ильич Ст. Нейштадт (16-07-1898 - 16-04-1959) Russian composer (Vladimir Ilich Neistadt)

Vladimir Neistadt

Vladimir Neistadt was a poet, journalist, writer and translator who was also a chess player interested in chess history and chess composition. He composed mostly endgame studies.

Нейштадт, Владимир Ильич Ст.
Шахматы 1929 (393)
5th-6th Prize

+ 6 + 6

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Róbert Darvas (16-07-1903 - 12-02-1957) Hungarian composer

Róbert Darvas was a helpmate and direct mate composer.

Darvas, Róbert
Revista Română de Şah, 1949

h#3 4 + 10

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Gideon Husserl (16-07-1922 - 18-11-2013) Israeli composer

[Gideon Husserl
Photo from the book “The Art of Israel Chess Composition” 1983 -
Variantim 62]

Gideon Husserl composed helpmates, fairy problems but mostly retro problems.
Among his most notable fairy successes we may mention the 1st place in 2nd WCCT 1980 composed in collaboration with Uri Avner and Shorek Mordechai.

Husserl, Gideon
Tourney of Solidarity, 1976
1st Prize

h#2b) wRf8->d8
c) wRf8->c8
6 + 10

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Husserl, Gideon
Israel Ring Tourney, 1966

Colour the pieces! What was the last move? + 9

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Владимир Павлович Шумарин (16-07-1941) Russian composer (Vladimir Pavlovich Shumarin)

Yakov Vladimirov and Vladimir Shumarin

Vladimir Shumarin favours miniature direct mates.

Шумарин, Владимир Павлович
ЮК В. Кожакин - 50
, 2007
1st-2nd Prize

#2 vvvv 6 + 1

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Lennart Werner (16-07-1969) Swedish composer and FIDE Master

Kjell Widlert, Lennart Werner and James Quah, Wageningen 2006

Lennart Werner composes helpmates and fairy problems.

Werner, Lennart
Springaren, 1999 (9272v)
4th Prize

h#32 solutions 5 + 8

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Werner, Lennart
Springaren, 1997

#4MarsCirce 5 + 2

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Eugène Ferber (16-07-1875 - 16-04-1941) French composer

Eugène Ferber
[Les Cahiers de l'Echiquier Français, Nov.-Dec. 1933, p.208]

Eugène Ferber composed direct mates and selfmates.
Louis Mandy wrote a short article about him in Pat 29 (March 1938) and he was also quoted as the author of more than 1000 problems in Les Cahiers de l'Echiquier Français, Nov.-Dec. 1933, p.208.

Ferber, Eugène
Karlovački Šahovski Klub
1st Prize

#2 8 + 10

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