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July 13th

Ionel Razu (13-07-1908) Romanian composer

Ionel Razu composed mostly direct mates.

Razu, Ionel
Revista Română de Şah, 1984
2nd Prize

#2 12 + 7

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Emil Melnichenko (13-07-1950) Czech - New-Zealand composer

Emil Melnichenko

Emil Melnichenko composes endgame studies.
52 of his studies have been compiled by jmrw on his site ; besides, jmrw quotes John Beasley who provided biographical information.
Emil Melnichenko is a talented composer who has won many prizes, such as 1st Prize in Tim Krabbé-60 JT in 2003, here commented by the celebrated writer (PDF version of the award here).

Melnichenko, Emil
Rossi-80 JT Best Problems, 2005
1st Prize

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Melnichenko, Emil
ЮК Б.Олимпиев, Уральский проблемист 2001
1st-3rd Prize

= 2 + 4

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Владислав Валерьевич Нефёдов (13-07-1958) Russian composer and International Master (Vladislav Valeryevich Nefyodov)

Vladislav Nefyodov

Vladislav Nefyodov composes direct mates and, mostly, helpmates. He has been twice member of the Russian team who has won the World Composition Championship by Teams.

Нефёдов, Владислав Валерьевич
Shakhmatnaya Kompositsyia, 2002
1st-2nd Prize ex-aequo

h#2b) move c4 a5
6 + 11

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Albertus Marinus Koldijk (13-07-1917 - 06-10-2005) Dutch composer and Honorary Master

Albertus Koldijk was a direct mate composer and judge.
He is also renowned for the Thema-Boek, a description of main direct mate themes written in collaboration with Frederik Nanning, and for other works (such as his compilation of E. Visserman's compositions).

Koldijk, Albertus Marinus
Elk Wat Wils Wedstrijd 1938

#2 v
5 + 2

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