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Cyril Dedrle (05-07-1876 - 24-01-1944) Czech composer

Galerie československých skladatelů - Cyril Dedrle

Cyril Dedrle was a Bohemian threemover composer. I.Mikan and F.Macek compiled Dedrle's works in 1974 in the 11th volume of the collection "Galerie československých skladatelů" (Gallery of Czech composers) which can be read here.
For more details about the Dedrle brothers František and Cyril, please read Siegfried Hornecker's article on ChessBase.

Dedrle, Cyril
Československá republika, 15th Jan 1922

#3 6 + 6

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Dedrle, Cyril
Rudé právo, 9th Oct 1921

#3 5 + 10

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Jakub Sova (05-07-1893 - 17-06-1979) Czech composer

Jakub Sova was a Bohemian composer amateur of miniatures.

Sova, Jakub
Národní osvobození 1929

#3 6 + 9

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Ulrich Schirdewan (05-07-1904 - 13-01-1959) German composer

Ulrich Schirdewan, Oct.1953

Ulrich Schirdewan composed strategic direct mates and selfmates.
Some biographical details as well as photos taken by Ulrich Schirdewan can be found on this site.

Schirdewan, Ulrich
12th TT British Chess Federation, (Laws MT) 1932
Special Prize

s#4 7 + 13

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Schirdewan, Ulrich
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 1932
1st Prize

#3 11 + 10

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Marcel Eugène Nordlohne (05-07-1927) Dutch composer

Marcel Nordlohne
[Die Schwalbe Fragebogen 1960 page 251]

Marcel Nordlohne composed direct mates, helpmates, selfmates and retro or fairy problems.
His Maximum s#2 published in die Schwalbe in 1968 is worth a look.

Nordlohne, Marcel Eugene
Probleemblad, 1969
2nd Prize

h=3d8, g8, a1, b1, c1, g1: Grasshopper
8 + 9

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Andreas Nievergelt (05-07-1957) Swiss composer

Andreas Nievergelt, Batumi 2013

Andreaas Nievergelt is a professor and researcher at Zürich University and is specialized in Old High German.
He is an active collaborator of the Swiss magazines "idee und form" and "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" for which he receives the originals. He inherited the NZZ chess column from Odette Vollenweider in January 2011.

Andreas mostly publishes direct mates. His problems are characterized by economical positions, white sacrifices and multiple solutions. A good example is this selfmate in 6 moves.

Another example:

Nievergelt, Andreas
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1999
1st Prize

#3  12 + 4

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თემურ ჩხეტიანი (05-07-1955) Georgian composer (Temur Chkhetiani)

Temur Chkhetiani

Temur Chkhetiani is a poet.
He has been composing chess problems since 1995. He composes mostly helpmates, but also selfmates and fairy problems.

Chkhetiani, Temur
StrateGems, 2000
3rd HM

h# 6 + 11

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