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July 8th

Karl Kaiser (08-07-1867 - 03-07-1934) German composer

Karl Kaiser composed direct mates.
He was part of the Arbeiterschach movement. More details about his activity in this movement can be read in this "die Schwalbe" Personalia.

Kaiser, Karl
Deutscher Arbeiter-Schach-Bund, 1922
1st Prize

#3 7 + 11

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Дмитрий Фёдорович Петров (08-07-1909 - 09-05-1987) Russian composer (Dmitri Fyodorovich Petrov)

Dmitri Petrov was an endgame studies composer.

Петров, Дмитрий Фёдорович
Вечерний Новосибирск 1973
1st Prize

+ 5 + 5

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Árpád Földeák (08-07-1917 - 13-07-2004) Hungarian composer

Árpád Földeák

Árpád Földeák, International Judge in 1964, composed preferably long direct mates or helpmates.
Here is a shorter, but not less hard helpmate in three:

Földeák, Árpád
Christmas Card, 1950

h#3 5 + 9

If White could play, he would mate in three: 1.Ke1/Ke2 2.Kf1 3.Rxb3#
What is the solution?

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Сергей Николаевич Осинцев (08-07-1960) Russian composer and International Master (Sergey Nikolayevich Osintsev)

Sergey Osintsev

Sergey Osintsev is a successful endgame studies composer. More of his studies can be seen on jmrw's website. One of his most spectacular works is the following win study:

Осинцев, Сергей Николаевич
Шахматная неделя 2003
1st Prize

+ 7 + 7

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Uwe Karbowiak (08-07-1962) German composer and International Master

Uwe Karbowiak
[© Uwe Karbowiak]

Uwe Karbowiak is a composer of logical moremovers. He received the title of FIDE Master of Chess Composition at the 2014 Congress at Berne.

He was drawn to chess composition by his good friend Rupert Munz, a composer of logical moremovers as well.
He organizes a biannual meeting of German composers known as the Zweikönigstreffen (mentioned on his blog by Siegfried Hornecker).

Here are two examples of his talent, in order of growing difficulty:

Karbowiak, Uwe
Schach in Schleswig-Holstein, 2012 (39)
1st Prize

#7  7 + 9

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Karbowiak, Uwe
Problem-Forum, 2010 (M320)
1st Prize

#9  8 + 13

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