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July 27th

Ludwig Erdmann Bledow (27-07-1795 - 06-08-1846) German composer

Ludwig Bledow

Ludwig Bledow was a chess player and the founder of the German magazine "Schachzeitung der Berliner Schachgesellschaft" which later became "Deutsche Schachzeitung". He compiled Stamma's works in "Stammas hundert Endspiele".
In 2006 Jeremy P. Spinrad wrote an article on Chess Cafe about Ludwig Bledow : you may read it here
He also composed a few problems:

Bledow, Ludwig Erdmann
Berliner Schachzeitung, 1846

s#6 4 + 2

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Barry Jack da Costa Andrade (27-07-1904 - 17-12-1960) British composer

Barry Andrade composed direct mates. One can quote this twomover and the following threemover is, among others, worth a good look:

Da Costa Andrade, Barry Jack
The British Chess Magazine, 1932
1st Prize, ex aequo

#3  8 + 8

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Jean Zeller (27-07-1909 -03-01-2002) French composer and Honorary Master

Jean Zeller

Jean Zeller composed heterodox and fairy problems. He organized in 1980 the first French Problemists meeting.

He invented the fairy condition Einstein chess together with Roméo Bédoni. He also invented the direct reflex condition: the goal is checkmate, but whenever it is possible (for any side) to play a so-called helping move that grants the opponent with a mate in one oportunity, one is under the obligation of playing it "by reflex" (unless one can already mate in one).

He also discovered the "Zeller trap" which is often used in series movers and can be seen in the J2 problem of the obituary written by Christian Poisson.

Zeller, Jean
diagrammes, 1979 (17)

s=9Maximummer 6 + 9

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Oswaldo Faria (27-07-1929 - 22-03-2000) Brazilian composer

Oswaldo Faria
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Oswaldo Faria was the editor of the "Boletim da UBP" from 1980 until 1983.

Faria, Oswaldo
Clube de Xadrez Fortaleza, Torneio Nacional Brasileiro, 1982
1st Prize, 1982-1983

#2 vvv  11 + 13

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Məcnun Abdulvahid Vahidov (27-07-1946 - 30-04-2009) Azerbaijani composer

Məcnun Vahidov

Məcnun Vahidov was a writer and composed in many genres. He composed a lot in collaboration with Rauf Aliovsadzade.

Vahidov, Mecnun Abdulvahid
problem (Zagreb) 1976 (3759)
2nd HM

s#2  10 + 12

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Graham D. Lee (27-07-1953) British composer

Graham Lee is International Master in solving. He most often composes during chess congresses and has a weakness for proof games.

Lee, Graham D.
The Problemist Supplement, 2010

PG 8.5  15 + 15

Proof game in 8.5 moves
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Walter Alejandro Diaz (27-07-1971) Argentinian composer

Walter Diaz is a helpmate composer.

Díaz, Walter Alejandro
ЮК В.Копыл-50, 2007
4th Prize

h#42 solutions
6 + 11

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