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July 6th

Karl Ernst Adolf Anderssen (06-07-1818 - 13-03-1879) German player and composer

Adolf Anderssen

Adolf Anderssen was a mathematics professor and one of the world's leading chess players in the 1850s and 1860s. He is renowned for two spectacular games, the "Immortal" and the "Evergreen".

He was also (Wikipedia) "a very important figure in the development of chess problems, driving forward the transition from the "Old School" of problem composition to the elegance and complexity of modern compositions." He was the author of "Aufgaben fur Schachspieler" (1842) which can be downloaded from here.
Two of his most famous and often reproduced problems are this #4 with the Anderssen mate and this #4 with pin mate and critical move of the wR.

Let's have a look at another one:

Anderssen, Karl Ernst Adolf
Aufgaben für Schachspieler, 1852 (41)

#5 8 + 5

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Wilhelm Karl Heinrich Maßmann (06-07-1895 - 17-12-1974) German composer

Wilhelm Maßmann

Wilhelm Maßmann was granted the title of International Judge in 1959. He composed more than 1200 problems, of which 646 miniatures. He collected chess miniatures (15 000) and was the author of "Kleinkunst im Schachproblem" (1967) together with Franz Palatz, Werner Speckmann and Karl Fabel.
He translated several books in German, such as the Alain C. White book about S. Loyd ("Sam Loyd und seine Schachaufgaben").
Wilhelm Maßmann was also one of the founders of the German magazine "Die Schwalbe". More details on Wikipedia.

This miniature #4 is quoted on Wikipedia (check it if you missed it there) but there are other famous problems:

Maßmann, Wilhelm Karl Heinrich
Altonaer Nachrichten, 1919

#3 8 + 3

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Maßmann, Wilhelm Karl Heinrich
Die Schwalbe, Feb 1943 (142-143/)
1st Prize, tt

#4 5 + 2

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Gligor Oltean (06-07-1952) Romanian composer

Gligor Oltean is a twomover and helpmate composer.

Oltean, Gligor
L'Italia Scacchistica, 2001
3rd Prize

#2* 9 + 9

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Михаил Романович Костылев (06-07-1960) Russian composer (Mikhail Romanovich Kostylev)

Mikhail Kostylev

Mikhail Kostylev published his first problem in 1975 and became more active in 2004. More biographical details on

Костылев, Михаил Романович
ЮК А. Мельничук - 50, 2008
1st Prize

#7 4 + 3

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Василь Вікторович Крижанівський (06-07-1972 - 25-06-2023) Ukrainian composer and Grandmaster (Vasil Viktorovich Krizhanivskyi)

Vasil Krizhanivskyi
[Source: Facebook]

Vasil Krizhanivskyi composed mostly helpmates but also direct mates, especially twomovers.

Крижанівський, Василь Вікторович
Weißauer-85 JT 2007
4th Prize

#4 11 + 11

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