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July 3rd

Josef Drnek (03-07-1875 - 03-05-1941) Czech composer

Josef Drnek was a Bohemian composer. Miroslav Soukup compiled 60 problems of his and an interview of Drnek in "Josef Drnek - Otavské perly" (1940) and the book can be downloaded and read from here.
Michal Dragoun compiled almost all Drnek's work (321 problems) in "Josef Drnek Galerie českých skladatelu".

Drnek, Josef
J.Chocholouš-MT, 1931
2nd Prize

#3 7 + 8

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Paul Weyl (03-07-1894 - 10-08-1974) German composer

Paul Weyl was a chess composer from Leipzig.

Weyl, Paul
Skakbladet, 1911
1st Prize

#5 8 + 12

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Thomas Charles Donald Ricketts (03-07-1896 - 15-12-1979) British composer

Thomas Ricketts was specialized in three- and moremovers and composed many problems with quiet moves and model mates. He was president of the British Chess Problem Society in 1969-70.
His problems are a good training for the performance solver:

Ricketts, Thomas Charles Donald
British Chess Federation, 1959
1st Prize

#3 4 + 6

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Ricketts, Thomas Charles Donald
The Problemist, 1967
2nd Prize

#3 8 + 10

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Gerd Rinder (03-07-1935) German composer and FIDE Master

Gerd Rinder, 2011

Gerd Rinder was a strong solver and composed in all orthodox genres.

Rinder, Gerd
Deutscher Schachverband, 1961
2nd Prize

#3 3 + 6

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Rinder, Gerd
Die Schwalbe, 1998

+ 5 + 6

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Микола Олексійович Пархоменко (03-07-1937) Ukrainian composer (Mykola Oleksyovich Parkhomenko)

Mikola Parkhomenko lives in Vinnytsia and has a massive output of direct mates.

Пархоменко, Микола Олексійович
Шахматы в СССР Jan 1984 (1)
Special HM

#2 vv 4 + 3

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Hartmut Brozus (03-07-1942) German composer

Hartmut Brozus composes in all orthodox genres - direct mates, selfmates, helpmates, with a preference for longer problems.

Brozus, Hartmut
Die Schwalbe, 2005 (12669)
4th HM

s#72.1.1... 4 + 2

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