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July 15th

János Jakab Löwenthal (15-07-1810 - 20-07-1876) Hungarian - British composer

János Jakab Löwenthal

János Jakab Löwenthal was an excellent chess player who played against Morphy in two matches and wrote the compilation "Morphy's Games of Chess". He also occasionally composed some trifles such as this one:

Löwenthal, János Jakab
The Chess Player's Chronicle, 1851

#3 6 + 5

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Kurt Smulders (15-07-1921 - 01-06-2011) Belgian-Dutch composer and Honorary Master

Kurt Smulders

Kurt Smulders composed in various genres, but was famous for his fairy problems.
He wrote "Sprookjesschaak: fantasieschaak, systematisch benaderd" (1987) about fairy composition.

Smulders, Kurt
24th TT, Feenschach, 1969

sh#14 5 + 2

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Smulders, Kurt
Olympic tourney Nice, 1st Jun 1974
2nd Prize

#2b8: Royal Rose
a3, h1: Lion
d2: Royal Grasshopper
1 + 6

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Pál Benkö (15-07-1928 - 26-08-2019) Hungarian - American composer and International Master

Pál Benkö

Pál Benkö was the well-known o.t.b. GM who left his place in the 1970 Interzonal tournament to Bobby Fischer, who could then win the World Championship title in 1972. He was the Pál Benkö of the Benkö Gambit. But he was also a good composer of studies and problems and was the editor of the problems section of the American magazine "Chess Life". You may read about his biography, written with Jeremy Silman, right here.

He composed direct mates (see this constructional feat in #3 Tanagra) and helpmates. Here is a sample of each:

Benkö, Pál
Magyar Sakkélet, 1974
1st Prize

#2 11 + 10

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Benkö, Pál
Magyar Sakkélet, 1973 (3822)

h#3b) bRa8->h8
3 + 6

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Jarl Henning Ulrichsen (15-07-1947) Norwegian composer

Jarl Ulrichsen is o.t.b. FM and also an endgame studies composer. Notable are his studies awarded in Olthof-40 JT, or Nunn-50 JT but here is another prize:

Ulrichsen, Jarl Henning
Tim Krabbe-60 JT, 2003
3rd Prize

= 6 + 8

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Borislav Vitanovski (15-07-1951) Macedonian problemist

Borislav Vitanovski composes direct mates and helpmates.

Vitanovski, Borislav
Orbit, 2012 (3358)

h#4.5b) wBb1->b7
2 + 5

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