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August 7th

Max Lange (07-08-1832 - 08-12-1899) German composer

Max Lange

Max Lange was a good player who composed also direct mates and selfmates. He is noted as the inventor of the helpmate in an article in the Berlin Chess Association’s "Schachzeitung" in 1854 (here on PDB server. He was the composer of the first sound problem with en-passant key, with retro contents, in 1858: see it on PDB server.

Lange, Max
Sonntagsblätter für Schachfreunde, 1861

#5 9 + 9

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Thomas Porter Bull (07-08-1839 - 12-12-1890) American composer

Thomas Bull composed threemovers.

Bull, Thomas Porter
Mirror of American Sports, 1884
3rd Prize

#3 12 + 8

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Karel Rosol (07-08-1914 - 28-07-1984) Czech composer

Karel Rosol composed direct movers.

Rosol, Karel
Находкинский рабочий 1965
1st Prize

#3 9 + 4

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Manfred Nieroba (07-08-1939) German composer

Manfred Nieroba composes direct mates, helpmates and fairy problems.

Nieroba, Manfred
feenschach, 2002 (8676)
2nd Prize

h#2b) Rotate 180 6 + 8

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Nieroba, Manfred
feenschach, 1975

s#4h8, e1: Orphan
10 + 5
The Orphan is a unit which cannot move it is not controlled by an enemy piece. Then it can move like the enemy piece that controls it.

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Rolf Trautner (07-08-1939 - 07-01-2005) Swiss composer

Rolf Trautner
[Schweizerische Schachzeitung 1968 p.174 ]

Rolf Trautner was a directmate and helpmate composer interested in logical problems. His other hobby was mathematics.
One of his #4 was given for solvers and explained by Gary Kevin Ware in the post "Long-Term Strategy II" on, based on excerpts from "Secrets of Spectacular Chess" by Jonathan Leavitt & David Friedgood.

Trautner, Rolf
Sächsische Zeitung 1999
1st Prize

#57 + 12

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  1. Max Lange was the OTB chess player and publisher too.