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August 19th

Jean Haymann (19-08-1932) Israeli composer and International Master

Jean Haymann

Jean Haymann initially lived in France and migrated to Israel. He's had, in direct mates and helpmates, a long composing career started 60 years ago and which is still going quite well, as his recent successes in 2011 can testify (see the Composing Tourney organized by our Israeli friends last year with excellent comments by judge Paz Einat).

Haymann, Jean
Israel Ring Tourney, 1983
1st Prize

h#22 solutions 11 + 8

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Ladislav Salai Sr. (19-08-1934 - 25-03-2006) Slovak composer

Ladislav Salai jr. and sr.

We celebrated his son's birthday on January 18th. He was an orthodox and fairy composer.
He invented the fairy condition SAT which is described in details by Juraj Lörinc on his website and he was the editor of the magazine "Umenie 64".

Salai, Ladislav Sr.
Umenie 64, 31st Dec 1997 (5/103)
1st Prize

#2* v 10 + 8

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Peter Harris (19-08-1936) South-African composer

Peter Harris, Dublin, Winter 1982

Peter Harris is a fairy composer and probably at the avant-garde of fairy composition. He enjoys difficult fairy conditions and his problems, rich with fairy rules and surprising solutions, can sometimes prove a torture for the solver. Sometimes he ingeniously uses fairy conditions in order to avoid cooks and thus to diminish the number of units on the board.
Some of his very recently published problems can be found on Julia's Fairies and they are more complicated than the following one:

Harris, Peter
Probleemblad, 2010 (F786)

2 + 1

TransmutedKings: A King in check moves only like the threatening unit(s).
Haaner Chess: A square left by a piece can no longer be occupied nor crossed.

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Volker Zipf (19-08-1949) German composer and International Master

Manfred Zucker, Ewald Reichel, Günter Schiller, Dieter Müller, Fritz Hoffmann, Karl-Heinz Siehndel, Volker Zipf, Stefan Dittrich
Rerik 1980 [Wikimedia]

Volker Zipf composes direct mates and helpmates. He is an International Judge for threemovers and moremovers.

Zipf, Volker
Sächsische Zeitung, 1976
1st Prize

#6 5 + 12

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Udo Marks (19-08-1969) German composer

Udo Marks composes moremovers.
He runs a nice website. His peculiarity is that he composes also Shogi and Xiangqi problems (see here) or in three-dimensional chess.

Marks, Udo
The British Chess Magazine, 1994

#19 3 + 11

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