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August 14th

František Havelka (14-08-1875 - 03-03-1951) Czech composer

František Havelka was a Bohemian direct mate composer.

Havelka, František
Československý šach, 1938 (27)

#3 6 + 7

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Николай Дмитриевич Григорьев (14-08-1895 - 10-11-1938) Russian composer (Nikolay Dmitryevich Grigoriev)


Nikolay Grigoriev was a strong player and endgame studies composer.
As Wikipedia writes: "He is especially noted for his prolific output of pawn endgames with only kings and pawns on the board, where he had no equal. In 1936, the French magazine La Stratégie organized a tourney for endgame studies with two pawns against one, and Grigoriev ran away with ten of the twelve awards."

You may confidently consult Sergey Tkachenko's article (in Russian) for more biographical details.

Григорьев, Николай Дмитриевич
Шахматный листок 1929
2nd Prize

= 4 + 3

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Александр Иванович Козлов (14-08-1897 - 18-03-1980) Russian composer (Aleksandr Ivanovich Kozlov)

Aleksandr Kozlov
[Valery Surkov]

Aleksandr Kozlov has had a very long composing career spanning from 1927 until his death in 1980. He became an International Judge in 1968. He composed direct mate problems and endgame studies. One of his studies is quoted on Wikipedia and you can notice this nice twomover as well.

Козлов, Александр Иванович
Sverdlovs KFS, 1950
1st Prize

#3 5 + 6

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Леонид Иванович Загоруйко (14-08-1923 - 22-05-1999) Belarus composer and International Master (Leonid Ivanovich Zagoruiko)

Leonid Zagoruiko
[Valery Surkov]

Leonid Zagoruiko was an international Judge and composed mostly twomovers and threemovers. He gave his name to a theme which is, with the Rukhlis theme, one of the most important and influential thematic discoveries of the second half of the 20th century, as far as twomovers are concerned.

Zagoruiko theme

Zagoruiko m×n = m different continuations after n black moves
Example: a Zagoruiko 3x2
a b
Or, in a more usual notation:
1.X? 1...a, b 2.A, B#
1.Y? 1...a, b 2.C, D#
1.Z! 1...a, b 2.E, F#

Cyclic Zagoruiko:
Example: cyclic 3x2 Zagoruiko
a b

n-fold cyclic Zagoruiko: cyclic permutation of n mates after 2 black moves.
Example: cyclic 4x2 Zagoruiko
a b

Загоруйко, Леонид Иванович
Revista Română de Şah, 1951
1st Prize

#2 v 9 + 9

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Владимир Иванович Желтоножко (14-08-1942 - 20-05-2011) Russian composer (Vladimir Ivanovich Zheltonozhko)

Vladimir Zheltonozhko

International Judge for twomovers, he composed about 400 direct movers, selfmates and helpmates since 1985. He has composed many problems in collaboration with other Russian composers (Shavyrin, Selivanov or Pankratiev).
You can consider for instance his s#3 composed with A. Selivanov with black and white battery play, or this threemover, composed with S.Kirillov and A.Selivanov:

Желтоножко, Владимир Иванович & Кириллов, Станіслав Васильович & Селиванов, Андрей Владимирович
Gorbatenko-50 JT, 1997
2nd Prize

#3 12 + 11

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This helpmate in two, composed by two of today's celebrated composers, Zheltonozhko & Kirillov deserves to be mentioned:

Желтоножко, Владимир Иванович & Кириллов, Валерий Афанасьевич
Шахматная композиция 1993 (5/157)
Special Prize

h#24 solutions 7 + 10

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The two composers also made together this h#2 which presents model mates with two pins in a pawnless position.

Валерий Афанасьевич Кириллов (14-08-1951) Russian composer and International Master (Valery Afanasyevich Kirillov)

Valery Kirillov

Valery Kirillov composes direct mates, helpmates and selfmates, just like Vladimir Zheltonozhko.
You can have a look at his s#4 composed with Mikhail Marandyuk for the jubilee tourney Zheltonozhko-60 with nice battery play. He has also won many prizes for problems composed in collaboration with Andrey Selivanov such as this s#5:

Кириллов, Валерий Афанасьевич & Селиванов, Андрей Владимирович
Buletin Problemistic, 2002
1st-3rd Prize

s#5 11 + 4

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