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August 5th

Hans Lepuschütz (05-08-1910 - 06-09-1984) Austrian composer and International Master

Hans Lepuschütz was a great specialist of the logical multimover and a member of the Graz chess problem school (Grazer Schule) which linked logical combinations and aesthetic mate positions.
The Lepuschütz theme means chess provocation by White in a multimover, usually with a logical motivation. Hans Peter Rehm presented the Lepuschütz theme on Please have a look at these problems, you will not regret it.
MontFuji presented in detail (in French, on a doubled Lepuschütz and pendular movements associated with the Lepuschütz theme, as well as pendular movements associated with the doubled Lepuschütz theme and a Holst promotion.

Here is an economical presentation of the theme in Meredith:

Lepuschütz, Hans
Arbeiter-Zeitung, 1950

#4 5 + 6

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Lepuschütz, Hans
Springaren, 1952
2nd Prize

#4 7 + 11

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Борис Я. Коваленко (05-08-1920) Russian composer

Boris Kovalenko composed direct mate problems.

Коваленко, Борис Я.
Šahs/Шахматы (Rīga) 1960 (521)
2nd Prize

#2* v 7 + 9

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Bengt Ingre (05-08-1934 - 25-05-2000) Swedish composer

Bengt Ingre

Bengt Ingre composed mostly logical 3 movers and was an International Judge.
Some of his columns for the "Mora Tidning" can be read here (in Swedish).

Ingre, Bengt
Кудесник 1991
2nd Prize

#3 8 + 11

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Віктор Олександрович Мельниченко (05-08-1939 - 11-02-2009) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Viktor Oleksandrovich Melnichenko)

Viktor Melnichenko

Viktor Melnichenko published his first problem in 1957 and was a direct mate composer. He was also an International Judge, several times champion of Ukraine and once champion of the USSR. He also wrote several books about chess composition.

Мельниченко, Віктор Олександрович
Бюллетень ЦШК СССР 1966 (11/22)
1st Prize

#2 7 + 5

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Мельниченко, Віктор Олександрович
Матч городов Украины 1965
2nd Place

#3 10 + 12

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Günter Lauinger (05-08-1948) German composer

Günter Lauinger is interested in Retro and Mathematical chess problems. He edited the retro column of "Die Schwalbe" during 31 years, from 1977 until 2008 (see here the homage by Hans Gruber).

Lauinger, Günter
Die Schwalbe, 1975 (1559)

(-6) and #1 Proca Retractor 10 + 3

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