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May 30th

John Brown (30-05-1827 - 17-11-1863) British composer

John Brown's headstone
refurbished by Brian Gosling
[source: Keverel Chess]

John Brown published his problems as “J. B. of Bridport” and was one of the outstanding chess
problem composers of the nineteenth century.
John D. Beasley made a book review of "John Brown / The forgotten chess composer?" by Brian Gosling (2011) which can be read here.

Here is an example of John Brown's style:

Brown, John
???? 1860

#3 4 + 3

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Jean Bertin (30-05-1901 - 03-11-1988) French composer

Jean Bertin collaborated with "Themes 64" since its creation and he also edited a compilation of Georges Legentil's works "Problèmes d'échecs". He found time for other monographies in the 1980s: "P.Drumare" and "J.Morice" in 1981, "A.Caresmel" in 1983, "F.Fraenkel" in 1984, "G.Fuchs" in 1984 and "J.M.Trillon" in 1986. His most famous book remains "Initiation au problème d'échecs" (1964), the chess composition reference book in French.

Bertin, Jean
Histoires extraordinaires sur 64 cases, 1980 (1193)
After T.R.Dawson

ser-h#7 2 + 8

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Nils Adrian Bakke (30-05-1939) Norwegian composer and International Master

Nils Adrian Bakke, 2010

Nils Adrian Bakke collected Norwegian problems in "Problemsjakk I Nord" in 1976 and also wrote "Meritter - en samling sjakkproblemer" and numerous articles on selfmates and reflexmates: indeed  Nils Bakke favours longer selfmates.

Bakke, Nils Adrian
The Problemist, 1988
2nd Prize

r#3tries 10 + 12
Reflexmate in 3:
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Виктор Яковлевич Абросимов (30-05-1941 - 24-08-2016) Russian composer (Viktor Yakovlevich Abrosimov)

Viktor Abrosimov

Viktor Abrosimov is a helpmate composer. He often composes in collaboration with Aleksandr Pankratiev and they had some brilliant successes together.

Абросимов, Виктор Яковлевич
Shakhmatnaya Poeziya, 1999 (512)
2nd Prize

3 + 9

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