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May 16th

Norbert Kovács (16-05-1874 -24-05-1946) Hungarian composer

Norbert Kovács

Dr. Norbert Kovács composed about 500 problems and was specialized in fairy problems. In 1926 he wrote with Neukomm and Schor "Feladvany-Műszotar", a collection of problem chess terms.

Kovács, Norbert
Magyar Sakkvilág, 1933
3rd Prize

#3 7 + 9

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Hard to guess which piece will give mate in this helpmate:

Kovács, Norbert
Tijdschrift vd NSB, 1927

h#4 5 + 11

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Eric Duncan McQueen (16-05-1908 - 12-1971) British-Australian composer

Eric Duncan McQueen
[source: The Problemist, July 2010]

Eric McQueen went to Australia with the Big Brother Movement. Bob Meadley and Geoff Foster discussed this composer in "The Problemist", July 2010 and this article can be read online thanks to our Australian friends of

He composed, it seems, only twomovers. The most famous one is:

Mcqueen, Eric Duncan
Melbourne Leader, 1934

#2 10 + 2

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Zoran Janev (16-05-1961) Macedonian composer

Zoran Janev plays the violin and composes chess problems.

Janev, Zoran
Probleemblad, 2001

r#2  6 + 9

Reflexmate in two.

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Ilkka Juhani Sarén (16-05-1940 - 24-12-2022) Finnish composer

Ilkka Sarén was one of Finland's leading chess players in the 1970s. But he also composed chess problems, mostly helpmates.
You can read his obituary on the Finnish Problemists website along with a helpmate of his.

Sarén, Ilkka Juhani
3rd-6th Place
3rd WCCT, 1988

h#24 solutions 4 + 11

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