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May 3rd

Carl Erik Israel Lind (03-05-1907 - 01-03-1989) Swedish composer

Carl Erik Israel Lind
Problem, September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Carl Erik Israel Lind mostly composed helpmates and help retractors.

A good starter to warm up:

Lind, Carl Erik Israel
Svenska Problemschackklubben 2nd TT, 1938

h#22 solutions
2 + 5

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Something more challenging:

Lind, Carl Erik Israel Sverige-Israel, 1986

h#2b) wSd1->a5
c)=b) + wPe2->c2
d)=c) + wPb3->a3
6 + 10

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Gerhard Josten (03-05-1938) German composer

Gerhard Josten

Gerhard Josten is a German painter (his works here), chess historian and chess composer (direct mates, studies) from Cologne. Gerhard has also authored several books. You may be interested in his articles about chess and chess history, for instance his views about the proliferation of chess composition awards.
In his recent and most interesting "A Study Apiece" (2010) many composers presented their favourite study and how they had composed it (a review here).

Josten, Gerhard
Rusinek JT50, 2002

Win, Black to move 4 + 4

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Роман Федорович Залокоцький (03-05-1940 - 17-09-2021) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Roman Fedorovich Zalokotsky)

Roman Fedorovich Zalokotsky

Roman Zalokotsky mainly composed helpmates, but also direct mates or selfmates (a total of 1000 problems) and he was an International Judge. He often composed in collaboration with other Ukrainian problemists.

Залокоцький, Роман Федорович
Die Schwalbe, 1994
3rd Prize

s#2 vvv 8 + 7

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A recent astounding success by the Ukrainian team:

Копил, Валерій Володимирович & Семененко, Александр Юрьевич & Семененко, Валерий Юрьевич & Залокоцький, Роман Федорович
1st Place

h#3 8 + 12

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Another interesting h#3 here.

Günter Büsing (03-05-1947) German composer

Günter Büsing is a helpmate specialist and was the helpmate columnist in Die Schwalbe. He also composed retro and fairy problems and has been an International Judge since 1985.
Günter Büsing is the current Secretary of the WFCC.

Büsing, Günter
13rd TT, Problemkiste, Jun 1995
3rd Prize

2 + 10

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Ralf Jürgen Binnewirtz (03-05-1951) German chess historian 

Ralf Binnewirtz

Ralf Binnewirtz investigates chess history and literature and has thus interests in common with Gerhard Josten.
He is one of the authors of "Emanuel Lasker Denker Weltenbürger Schachweltmeister" edited by Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen and Michael Negele (Edward Winter's short but illustrated review of the book here) Binnewirtz's favourite Lasker game here.
His page about Schlagschach (Losing chess): here.

Jiří Jelínek (03-05-1952) Czech composer

Jiří Jelínek

Jiří Jelínek is an International Judge and composes mostly selfmates and direct mates. He is the current chairman of the Association of Czech Chess Problemists.
He published "DYNAMIC ECHO IN THE BOHEMIAN SELFMATE" ("Dynamické echo v českém samomatu", 1996) and "Česká škola úlohová" (with Ilja Mikan, "Bohemian three-movers" as well as other books: "Okteto", "Siersova baterie v české trojtažce", "České granáty-3" with E.Fomichev, "Prohra vítězstvím" and "Nils Adrian Bakke jako český skladatel".
[Source: Ivan Skoba and the Czech problemists' website.]

Jelínek, Jiří
Rosolak-65 JT, 2002
4th Prize

s#3 12 + 11

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Виталий Нестерович Столяров (03-05-1950) Ukrainian composer (Vitaly Nesterovich Stolyarov)

Vitaly Nesterovich Stolyarov
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Vitaly Stolyarov is a direct mate composer from Zaporizhia region.
He likes model mates. A good example is his problem #3 awarded in Buletin Problemistic 1981, or this one:

Столяров, Виталий Нестерович
64 — Шахматное обозрение 1987 (23/91)

#3  6 + 12

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Василий Тихонович Малюк (03-05-1933) Russian composer (Vasily Tikhonovich Malyuk)

Vasily Malyuk is native from Kazakhstan and lives in the Chita region. He discovered chess composition at the age of 40 when reading F.Bondarenko's book about composers of chess studies. In the 1970s and 80s his results as a solver were oustanding.

Малюк, Василий Тихонович & Шевченко, Віталій Іванович
Запорізька правда 21 июля 1993г. 21st Jul 1993

#3  12 + 11

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  1. And Vitalij Stoliarov.

  2. Jiří Jelínek is current chairman of Association of Czech Chess Problemists. He is also the (co-)author of following books:

    J. Jelínek: Okteto
    J. Jelínek: Siersova baterie v české trojtažce
    J. Fomičev (J. Jelínek): České granáty-3
    J. Jelínek: Prohra vítězstvím
    J. Jelínek: Nils Adrian Bakke jako český skladatel


    1. Thank you Ivan, these details have been added.