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May 6th

Georgi Hadži-Vaskov (06-05-1947) Macedonian composer

Georgi Hadži-Vaskov
[Thanks to Boško Milošeski]

Georgi Hadži-Vaskov is a helpmate, selfmate and fairy composer as well as an International Judge.

Hadži-Vaskov, Georgi & Milošeski, Boško
Probleemblad, 2001

#2* 11 + 10

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Hadži-Vaskov, Georgi
BIT Tourney, 2010
5th Prize

h#22 solutions 6 + 13

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Camillo Gamnitzer (06-05-1951) Austrian composer and Grandmaster

Camillo Gamnitzer (right) with Alois Nichtawitz
[Photo: Werner Schmoll, harmonie 125, page 52]

Camillo Gamnitzer is a selfmate composer, the herald of the new strategic selfmate, which in his eyes bear some resemblance with the musical fugue. Some biographical information can be found on Wikipedia (in German) and a selfportrait on this Austrian problem site and many (438) of his problems here.
Camillo Gamnitzer is the first Austrian problemist to receive the title of Grandmaster in chess composition. His problems are, for obvious reasons, feared by solvers...

Gamnitzer, Camillo
Feenschach, 2000
1st Prize

s#5 10 + 12

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Gamnitzer, Camillo
Schach-Report, 1992
4th Prize

s#5 11 + 11

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Валерий Анатольевич Евдокимов (06-05-1963) Russian composer (Valery Anatolyevich Evdokimov)

Valery Evdokimov is a twomover composer.

Евдокимов, Валерий Анатольевич
Het Reformatorisch Dagblad, 1989
1st Prize

#2* v  12 + 9

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Григорий Яковлевич Слепян (06-05-1952) Belarusian composer and FIDE Master (Grigory Iakovlevich Slepyan)

Grigory Slepyan

Grigory Slepyan is an endgame study composer from the city of Minsk, who has a doctorate in mathematical physics and works as a radiotechnical engineer.
More of his studies can be found on his Arves page.

Слепян, Григорий Яковлевич
Golden Fleece Ty Merani, 1988
2nd Prize

=   4 + 5

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