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May 27th

We may now mention in passing Thomas Winter-Wood (27-05-1818 - 07-05-1905), a British chess player and patriarch of a Devon chess dynasty. His three children were chess players and two of them composed chess problems: Edward and Edith, who later became Mrs. Edith Baird, the "queen of chess".

Georges Mathieu Fuchs (27-05-1908 - 22-12-1992) French composer

Georges Fuchs
[Thèmes-64 111, juillet-septembre 1983]

Georges M. Fuchs learned chess at 8 and composed his first problem at 14. At the age of 18, he wrote in the French magazine "La Stratégie" and translated Franz Palatz's articles and book about strategic miniatures. He composed endgames, fairy problems and direct mates, mostly twomovers.
170 of his problems were collected in a monography by Jean Bertin in 1984.

Fuchs, Georges Mathieu
Western Morning News, 10th Sep 1927
1st Prize

#2 7 + 14

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Hans Winter (27-05-1919) German composer 

Hans Winter composed direct mates.

Winter, Hans
Die Schwalbe, 1982 (3981)

#4 13 + 8

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Toma Garai (27-05-1935 - 30-01-2011) Romanian-American composer and Grandmaster

Toma Garai

Toma Garai is a helpmate composer and an International Judge for helpmates. He composed more than 2000 helpmates and wrote many theoretical articles about helpmate themes. He also wrote "Chess Problems of the Same Kind; 208 Selected Helpmate Three-Movers" in 1994.
You can read his article "What's Up Doc?", published in Thema Danicum 100, 2000, on

Garai, Toma
The Problemist, 1983
2nd Prize

h#32 solutions
4 + 7

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Marcel Tribowski (27-05-1962) German composer and Grandmaster

Marcel Tribowski

Marcel Tribowski composes in all genres, with a preference for moremovers.
On Thorsten Zirkwitz's website you may read TZ and Marcel Tribowski's article about the Popandopoulo battery (in German).
You may check the two excellent problems quoted on and here are two other problems he composed in the moremover and helpmate genres:

Tribowski, Marcel
harmonie, 1998
1st-2nd Prize

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Tribowski, Marcel
diagrammes, 1994
5th Prize

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Руслан Альбертович Сурков (27-05-1968 - 05-09-2010) Russian composer and FIDE Master (Ruslan Albertovich Surkov)

Ruslan Surkov []

Ruslan Surkov was a twomover composer.

Сурков, Руслан Альбертович
diagrammes, 2000
2nd Prize

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  1. Ruslan Surkov: 27.05.1968 - 05.09.2010 (in my database)

    1. Correct, the day and month have been added. The same date can be found on "Chess composers' names in various alphabets".