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May 19th

Eugene Beauharnais Cook (19-05-1830 - 13-03-1915) American composer

Eugene B. Cook

Biographical information about Eugene Cook has been reproduced in Harrie Grondjis' book "No Rook Unturned. A Tour Around The Saavedra Study" and on this blog from which we can quote the following information:
"Dr. Keidanz, in the introduction of his book The Chess Compositions of E.B. Cook of Hoboken New York 1927, informs us that many honours were bestowed upon Cook in his lifetime. Numerous problems were dedicated to him by his admirers and Samuel Loyd dedicated his book Chess Strategies to him. "
("The American Chess Magazine" can be read on
Eugene Cook was also a compiler of the collection "American Chess Nuts" in 1868 together with W.R. Henry and C.A. Gilberg. He had the third largest chess book collection in the world (2,500 volumes), which was donated to the Princeton University Library upon his death.

An easy one to start the day:

Cook, Eugene Beauharnais
The Illustrated London News, 6th Jan 1855 (e906)

#3  6 + 4

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Cook, Eugene Beauharnais
The Albion (New York) 20th Oct 1855 (355)

#4 9 + 8

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Cook, Eugene Beauharnais
American Chess-Nuts, 1868 (4-moves / 193)

#4 11 + 7

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Walter Henneberger (19-05-1883 - 15-01-1969) Swiss composer

Walter Henneberger was a Swiss chess player who also occasionally composed problems.
One of his problems won the 1st prize of the en-passant tourney organized by "La Stratégie" in 1908, but here is the Honorable Mention, which has a remarkable feature:
Henneberger, Walter
La Stratégie, 1908
Honorable Mention, EP Ty

#2 12 + 7

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Marcel Tancău (19-05-1935) Romanian composer

Marcel Tancău composes direct mates, helpmates and maximummers.

Tancău, Marcel
Buletin Problemistic, 1999 (71/3259v)
5th HM, 1998-1999

#2 8 + 7

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Tancău, Marcel
Revista Română de Şah, 1980

8 + 7

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Oliver Ralík (19-05-1945) Slovak composer

Oliver Ralík composes direct mates.

Ralík, Oliver
Pravda, 1970 (407)
1st Prize

#3 7 + 10

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Georgi Lititarov (19-05-1949) Macedonian composer

Georgi Lititarov
[source: Bosko Miloseski]

Georgi Lititarov composes direct mates.

Lititarov, Georgi
Kotelec, 1987
1st Commendation

#9 8 + 8

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Николай Зиновьев (19-05-1956) Kazakh composer (Nikolay Zinoviev)

Nikolay Zinoviev composes direct mates and seems especially fond of miniature moremovers.

Зиновьев, Николай
Смена (Москва) 1988
1st Prize

#2 4 + 3

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