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May 4th

Leo Erland Valve (04-05-1914 - 11-12-1952) Finnish composer

Leo Valve
from the booklet "Leo Valve" by Matty Myllyniemi (1973)

Leo Valve was the founder of the Finnish Problem Society and edited during many years the Problems column of "Suomen Shakki". M.Myllyniemi compiled 136 of Valve's problems in "L.Valve" (1973). Leo Valve composed mostly two- and threemover, but also helpmates and selfmates.

A rare mirror position of the bK:

Valve, Leo Erland
Il Problema, Mar 1934
4th Prize

#2* 8 + 8

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Олег Яковлевич Рабинович (04-05-1930 - 31-03-2011) Russian composer (Oleg Yakovlevich Rabinovich)

According to Uralski Problemist, Oleg Rabinovich came late to chess composition but was rapidly taken by fairy chess, especially by Mars-Circe. He was the fairy editor of "Шахматная Поэзия" (Shakhmatnaya Poezia)

Рабинович, Олег Яковлевич
Шахматная Поэзия 2004
3rd Prize

s#4 vvMarsCirce 8 + 3

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Андрей Николаевич Корнилов (04-05-1944 - 14-11-2011) Russian composer and FIDE Master (Andrey Nikolayevich Kornilov)

Andrey Kornilov was the editor of the retro section of Uralski Problemist.
In 1997, Nikita Plaksin and Andrey Kornilov published the brochure "Vozvrashtenie k Istokam" compiling Alexey Troitsky's retroanalytical. The electronic and revised edition of the brochure can be downloaded from here.
His article "Knight Evasion Routes" can be read online on the Retro Corner.

Корнилов, Андрей Николаевич
Шахматная композиция 1993
2nd Prize

Color the pieces ! 30 +

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Milan Ondruš (04-05-1962) Slovak composer

Ondruš, Milan
Umenie 64, 1999
2nd Comm.

s#2 10 + 7

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Виталий Иванович Тявловский (04-05-1928) Russian composer and International Master (Vitaly Ivanovich Tyavlovsky)

Vitaly Tyavlovsky, Odessa 1985
© А.О.Никитин, 2012

Vitaly Tyavlovsky started composition in the mid 1950s and publishing his studies in 1956. His studies with sharp black counterplay were appreciated by solvers and judges likewise and he received the title of International Master in 1971.
He had disappeared from view, but he re-surfaced at the beginning of the 2000s, according to EG-153 in 2003, taking 1st prize in a local composing tourney 'Effekt 2000'.
If you speak Russian, you can read an article about him and Vasily Malyuk right here.
Two examples of Tyavlovsky's studies:

Тявловский, Виталий Иванович
Magyar Sakkélet, 1962
3rd Prize

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Тявловский, Виталий Иванович
Problemista, 1962
1st Prize

+  5 + 5

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Tapani Tikkanen (04-05-1935 - 29-06-1985) Finnish composer

According to Matti Myllyniemi and Kari Valtonen (in their anthology of his works, 2nd edition in 2013) Tapani Tikkanen had a very ambitious approach to composing. He composed few but good problems. He composed twomovers and selfmates, then got more and more interested in helpmates.

Tikkanen, Tapani
1st Place
Nordic Championship TT 2/1966

s#2  14 + 7

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