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May 29th

Francis (Frank) Bradley Phelps (29-05-1847 - 16-05-1916) American composer

Frank Bradley Phelps' grave

Francis Bradley Phelps was a direct mate composer.

Phelps, Frank Bradley
Checkmate, 1904

#3 7 + 7

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Walther Freiherr von Holzhausen (29-05-1876 - 09-08-1935) German composer

Walther Freiherr von Holzhausen

Walter von Holzhausen was inspired by "Das indische Problem" (1903, Johannes Kohtz and Carl Kockelkorn). He published in 1926 the famous "Brennpunktprobleme", a compilation of articles published in Deutsche Wochenschach in 1908-1909 about focal squares. In 1928 he published "Logik und Zweckreinheit im neudeutschen Schachproblem", a reference work about logic and strategic chess problems.

He also gave his name to a moremover theme.
Holzhausen intersection : A ‘linear’ piece interferes with a ‘linear’ piece with similar way of movement and it is forced to become its substitute. (definition by E.Manolas)

You can find an example of this theme in one of today's problems.

Here are two simple but elegant twomovers:

Freiherr von Holzhausen, Walter
Deutsches Wochenschach, 23rd Oct 1904

#2 6 + 5

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Freiherr von Holzhausen, Walter
Akademische Schachblätter, 1901 (9C)

#2 7 + 2

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Fritz Schonert (29-05-1904 - 15-03-1996) German composer

Fritz Schonert was a chess solver from Meerane who started composing after a certain age. His chess problem collection counted 65,000 problems and is now in Mirko Degenkolbe's care. A part of this collection (ca. 45,000 direct mates) was digitalized and given to Dmitri Turevski, who loaded them into the YACPDB. (information from R.Binnewirtz)

Schonert, Fritz
Schach (magazine) Mar 1993 (12882)

h#3     b) wSe8->f8     4 + 4

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Anders Uddgren (29-05-1947) Swedish composer

Anders Uddgren is International Judge for helpmates, fairy and retro problems.

Uddgren, Anders
stella polaris, 1966
2nd Prize

h#2    6 + 8

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