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May 12th

Николай Павлович Будков (12-05-1928 - 1999) Russian problemist (Nikolay Pavlovich Budkov)

Nikolay Budkov composed mostly direct mates and helpmates with little material on the board.

Budkow, Nikolai & Каковин, Александр Сергеевич
Due Alfieri, 1985 (618)
2nd HM

h#2b) bKa8->d4
c) = b) + bRe6<->bSc6
d) = c) + bKd4->g8
3 + 4

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Николай Иванович Бельчиков (12-05-1947 - 15-12-2023) Belarusian composer (Nikolay Ivanovich Belchikov)

Nikolay Belchikov
(Thanks to Nikola Stolev)

Nikolay Belchikov was the author of more than 150 problems, mostly twomovers.

Бельчиков, Николай Иванович & Тиханков, Владимир
6th WCCT, 1996
1st Place, 1996-2000

#2 9 + 7

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Badea Duţă (12-05-1934) Romanian problemist

Badea Duţă is a direct mate composer. His most successful twomover is probably this one:

Duţă, Badea
Tribuna Sibiului, 1971
1st Prize

#2 10 + 5

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Андрій Миколайович Фролкін (12-05-1957) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Andrey Mikhailovich Frolkin)

Andrey Frolkin is specialized in Retroanalysis problems, but he also composes helpmates. All in all, he has composed at least 800 problems, alone or in collaboration with other problemists and he is already a living legend among retro composers.
The Ceriani-Frolkin theme, a typical retroanalytical theme, bears his name (A promoted unit is captured). He holds the record of the longest proof game - in 57.5 moves.

He also composed many other types of retro problems, but here is an excellent Proof Game of his, a natural-looking position hiding many secrets:

Фролкін, Андрій Миколайович
Die Schwalbe, Aug 1990 (7053)
2nd Prize

PG 19.0 14 + 15

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