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Hércules Colonelli (23-05-1897 - 27-10-1994) Brazilian composer

Hércules Colonelli composed in all genres.One helpmate example:

Colonelli, Hércules
Boletim da UBP, 1963 (251)
2nd Place, Campeonato Brasileiro de Composição, 1962-1963

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7 + 7

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Horst Böttger (23-05-1937) German composer

Horst Böttger, Rainer Paslack, Mirko Degenkolbe & Wolfgang A. Bruder, 2006

Horst Böttger is a composer and is also an International Judge.
Some information about him on wikipedia.de.
Böttger, Horst
Scacco! Jul 1998

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Владимир Аркадьевич Казанцев (23-05-1940) Russian composer (Vladimir Arkadievich Kazantsev)

Vladimir Kazantsev is an endgame study composer.

Казанцев, Владимир Аркадьевич
October Revolution JT, Молодость Грузии 1977
4th Prize

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Виталий Семёнович Коваленко (23-05-1947 - 05-03-2014) Russian composer and International Master (Vitaly Semenovich Kovalenko)

Vitaly Kovalenko

Vitaly Semenovich Kovalenko was a composer of miniature direct mates and endgames.

Коваленко, Виталий Семёнович
Gurgenidze,D-50 JT EG, 2004
1st-3rd Prize

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Bertil Elmgren (23-05-1912 - ?) Swedish composer

Bertil Elmgren
Problem, September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Elmgren, Bertil
Tidskrift för Schack, 1948

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Eigil Palle Pedersen (23-05-1917 - 02-08-1994) Danish composer

Eigil Pedersen was a chessplayer, three times Danish champion and the son of problemist Jens Peter Pedersen.
He was also a direct mate composer and started composing early. He was the inventor of the twomover theme of White correction. Arnoldo Ellerman wrote a booklet about this new theme ("Combinación de Eigil Pedersen en el nuevo tema 'corrección blanca': problemas de dos jugado", 1947).
However, he was excluded from the Danish problemists association because of tens of plagiated works.

Pedersen, Eigil Palle
1st Prize
Magasinet, 1948

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