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May 13th

Josef Plachutta (13-05-1827 - 22-07-1883) Austrian-Slovenian composer

Josef Plachutta

Josef Plachutta was a specialist of moremovers and selfmates. He participated to all the first composition tourneys of the end of the 19th century and left his name to a moremover theme (quote from Wikipedia):
A white piece sacrifices itself on a square where it could be captured by one of two similarly-moving black pieces (for example, a bishop and a queen moving along a diagonal, or two rooks) moving along a different line; whichever black piece captures, it interferes with the other.
Plachutta's first realization of the theme is quoted on Wikipedia. Let's have a look at a more complicated one:

Plachutta, Josef
Londoner Turnier, 1862
2nd Prize

#5  6 + 14

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Martin Wolfgang Hoffmann (13-05-1951) Swiss composer and International Master

Martin Hoffmann
[harmonie 119, page 146]

Martin Hoffmann composes threemovers and moremovers. In 1990 he became the successor of Hans Henneberger as the editor of the Problems column of the "Schweizerische Schachzeitung" and he is also the editor of the threemover section of "idee & form", the Swiss problem chess magazine.
He published "KunstschaCH", a selection of the best Swiss problems from 1987-1996 which was commented by Ralf Krätschmer on his website.

Hoffmann, Martin Wolfgang
Die Schwalbe, 1987
5th Prize

#4  9 + 11

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Vilimantas Satkus (13-05-1952) Lithuanian composer

Vilimantas Satkus, Jesi 2011

Vilimantas Satkus composes mostly helpmates and selfmates. He was the delegate of the Lithuanian problemists at the PCCC, now his son Vidmantas is replacing him in this function.

Satkus, Vilimantas
The Problemist, 1998

h#32 solutions
h3: Lion
3 + 4
The Lion moves on the Queen lines, but beyond a hurdle.

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Ľubomír Širáň (13-05-1960) Slovak composer

Ľubomír Širáň
[Marcin Banaszek]

Ľubomír Širáň was the webmaster of the Solving Chess website for a long time. He started composing very young and in many genres - direct mates, studies or selfmates. Here is an older example:

Širáň, Ľubomír
Šala 1987 (1975)
3rd Prize

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Eckart Kummer (13-05-1969) German composer

Eckart Kummer

Eckart Kummer is definitely a helpmate composer.

Kummer, Eckart
Orbit, 2006 (1801) (v)
1st Prize
dedicated to B.Ellinghoven

h#5.5  3 + 6

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Анатолий С. Синёв (13-05-1947) Russian composer (Anatoly S. Sinyov)

Anatoly Sinyov is a Ryazan composer and a disciple of Nikolay Budkov. He was at ease in composing in composing twomovers as well as serial helpmates. He was also a correspondence player and a solver (for instance in Problem 1969-1970 solving tourney). He ceased to compose during the 80s.

Синёв, Анатолий С.
Шахматы в СССР 1976

#4  4 + 3

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Николай А. Ивановский (13-05-1913) Russian composer (Nikolay A. Ivanovsky)

Nikolay Ivanovsky
Problem, February 1968
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Nikolay A. Ivanovsky was a composer from Arkhangelsk who created direct mates, helpmates or selfmates.

Ивановский, Николай А.
Europe Échecs, 1965
1st Prize

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