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May 8th

Gijsbertus Jordan (08-05-1883 - 10-1956) Dutch composer

Gijsbertus Jordan was a member of the Good Companions and a twomover composer.

Jordan, Gijsbertus
De Schelde, 1924

#2 9 + 9

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Николай Константинович Малахов (08-05-1887 - 1947) Russian composer (Nikolay Konstantinovich Malakhov)

Nikolay Malakhov
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Nikolay Malakhov was a threemover composer.
The wQ's activity in this threemover is spectacular. Here is another well exploited Queen:

Малахов, Николай Константинович
L'Italia Scacchistica, 1924
2nd Prize

#3 7 + 10

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Georg Paul Walter Dehler (08-05-1888 - 10-05-1915) German composer

Georg Dehler was Otto Dehler's brother and he also composed direct mate problems.

Dehler, Georg Paul Walter
Deutsches Heim, 1906

#3 5 + 3

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Willem Korteling (08-05-1889 - 1964) Dutch composer

Willem Korteling too was a threemover composer.

Korteling, Willem
Tijdschrift vd NSB, 1913
1st-2nd Prize

#3 8 + 9

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Wilhelm Fölser (08-05-1935 - 02-1998) Austrian composer

Biographical information about Wilhelm Fölser can be found on this Austrian website.

Fölser, Wilhelm
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, 1991

#3 7 + 2

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Tibor Érsek (08-05-1940) Hungarian composer

Tibor Érsek

Tibor Érsek composes helpmates and series problems. Here is an example belonging to the first category:

Érsek, Tibor
4th Prize
Tipografia TT, 1965

h#2b) bBf6
6 + 6

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And a series helstalemate:

Érsek, Tibor
Problemkiste, Apr 2005 (158/6436)

ser-h=22Madrasi 7 + 10

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Carl-Philip Ingemar Nilsson (08-05-1924) Swedish composer

Carl-Philip Nilsson
Problem, September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Carl-Philip Ingemar Nilsson was a helpmate composer. Here is a rara avis:

Nilsson, Carl Philip Ingemar
Tidskrift för Schack, 1962 (11472)

3 + 4

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Александр Георгиевич Орешин (08-05-1913 - 05-09-1978) Russian composer (Aleksandr Georgevich Oreshin)
Added 09.02.2012

Aleksandr G. Oreshin
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Aleksandr Oreshin composed direct mates. An obituary in Russian here.
Орешин, Александр Георгиевич
Magyar Sakkélet, 1963 (3094)
3rd Prize

#3  9 + 8

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  1. I have the impression that the h#2 is not by Érsek, but by the late Attila Benedek (9641, Schach-Echo June 1978). A more economic version of this problem by Karlheinz Bachmann (6q1/8/8/2b5/2RSk3/5S2/3K2B1/8, h#2 2111) received the 1 HM in that tourney.

    1. OK, the author may not be correct in YACPDB.
      Another Ersek problem has been quoted in replacement (P0557187 in the PDB).

  2. Willem Korteling was a professional painter.
    He also composed very elegant chess studies, which are also attractive for
    the solvers.
    On the arves Website are published a selection of his studies