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Friedrich Dubbe (07-05-1845 - 17-04-1897) German composer

Friedrich Dubbe was a direct mate composer whose work was compiled by Carl Otto in 1938 in the brochure "Friedrich Dubbe: Ein deutscher Problemmeister".

Dubbe, Friedrich
Deutscher Schachbund, 1881
1st Prize

#4 11 + 10

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Abraham Schiffmann (07-05-1890 - ?) French composer

Abraham Schiffmann
[Thèmes 64 1961 No.21 p.322]

Abraham Schiffmann is not to be mistaken for Israel Abraham Schiffmann, the Romanian composer and twomover genius, who died in 1930. Abraham Schiffmann was a direct mate composer of modest talent in comparison with his namesake. He composed mostly threemovers and selfmates and was fond of complete blocks. In 1961 his production was estimated at about 1650 problems (for more details and 6 of his problems, read Thèmes 64 1961 No.21 p.322).

Schiffmann, Abraham
Themes 64, 1964

#3 9 + 4

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Roger Diot (07-05-1923 - 28-02-1981) French composer

Roger Diot
[Problem 31-32 1955 page 287]

Roger Diot was specialized in three- and moremovers. He was an International Judge in that field. Between 1968 and 1971 he wrote three issues of the magazine "Probleme" dedicated to the twomover themes A, B, C, D and E.
After his death, the French magazine "Diagrammes" published the book "Avant-plan" (about strategic multimovers with fore-plan) which the author had just finished.
He had also published this book about Mutates:

Diot, Roger
Probleemblad, 1957

#3 7 + 10

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Diot, Roger
L'Echiquier de France, 1956
1st Prize

#3 11 + 13

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Gady Costeff (07-05-1961) Israeli-American composer and FIDE Master

[Gady Costeff in Ostróda, Poland, August 2015 -
Variantim 67]

Gady Costeff is the author of about 200 studies and 50 problems in all genres, mostly in collaboration with Ofer Comay and Paz Einat. He is the director of the endgame studies magazine EG. He has generously provided the issues 1 (July 1965) to 152 (April 2004) of EG online here.
He has written an article, in a typically modest, tongue-in-cheek style, about his efforts at composing problems in all genres with Paz and Ofer. The article can be read here.

The scope of his talent can be discovered browsing through his studies on his website.
On this page presenting studies achieving the Valladao task, Gady Costeff has 2 examples, of which one is considered the "Letztform" of the perfect Valladao.

One of his most amazing studies is the following:

Costeff, Gady
Die Schwalbe, 2001

= 11 + 14

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