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May 5th

Владимир Иосифович Шиф (05-05-1897 - 31-10-1970) Russian composer (Vladimir Yosifovich Shif)

Vladimir Shif
Problem, February 1968
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Vladimir Schiff composed mostly problems in three moves and many of them in collaboration with Loshinsky. He was also an International Judge.
He was also the problems editor of the magazine "64. Шахматы и шашки в массы".
This monumental threemover
showing pericritical Novotny and Grimshaw is explained on Wikipedia (in Russian).

Here is another monument, of course reproduced in the FIDE Album:

Лошинский, Лев Ильич & Шиф, Владимир Иосифович
В.Платов МК 1954
1st Prize

#4 9 + 11

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Gyula Bebesi (05-05-1915 - 28-05-1991) Hungarian composer and FIDE Master

Gyula Bebesi

Gyula Bebesi was a talented helpmate composer with a weakness for longer problems, although he also composed twomovers.
The compilation "Dr. Gyula Bebesi: 125 ausgewählte Schachprobleme" was made by Walter Fentze in 1985 (and luckily, the list of errata on the "die Schwalbe" website).

Bebesi, Gyula
7th TT Problem, 1954
1st Prize

h#17 9 + 12

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Bebesi, Gyula
Magyar Sakkszövetség, 14th Nov 1962
1st Prize

h#22 solutions 5 + 10

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Jaroslav Pospíšil (05-05-1934 - 08-10-2013) Czech composer

Jaroslav Pospíšil
Prague, September 1993
[Thanks to Rainer Staudte (Wikipedia)]

Jaroslav Pospíšil was a study composer. You may read his obituary for Jindrich Fritz in EG-80 (pp.437-8) and in the same EG issue page 442 a study of his awarded in Fritz-70 MT.

Pospíšil, Jaroslav
Averbach-80 JT EBUR, 2004
3rd Prize

= 3 + 4

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Юрій Васильович Червонюк (05-05-1968) Ukrainian composer (Yuri Vasilovich Chervonyuk)

Yuri Chervonyuk too is an endgame study composer, but he also composes helpmates in collaboration with Ukrainian problemists.

Червонюк, Юрій Васильович & Ковриженко, Анатолій Володимирович
Akobia-70 JT 2007
1st Special Honorable Mention

+ 6 + 5

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Werner Schmoll (05-05-1949) Austrian composer

Werner Schmoll (right) with Camillo Gamnitzer (left) and Alois Nichtawitz (center)
harmonie 132 - 2016

A self-portrait of Werner Schmoll in German can be found on this Austrian problem site as well as 39 of his problems. He is a direct mate composer who sometimes benefits from Camillo Gamnitzer's advice.

Gamnitzer, Camillo & Schmoll, Werner
Schach-Aktiv, 1987
3rd HM

#3  11 + 11

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