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April 8th

Valerian Oniţiu (08-04-1872 - 31-12-1948) Romanian composer

Valerian (Valeriu) Oniţiu was a complete composer who worked in all genres but composed more helpmates and selfmates. His most quoted problem is probably the following:

Oniţiu, Valerian
Die Schwalbe, May 1929

#6f2: Grasshopper
2 + 3

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An interesting selfmate in 2 moves with multiple possibilities by the black Queen can be seen here, but we have selected another one, also based on zugzwang:

Oniţiu, Valerian
Magyar Sakk Lap, 1906

s#2 8 + 11

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Michael Terebesi (08-04-1936) Swiss composer

Terebesi, Michael
Schweizerische Arbeiter Schachzeitung, 1974
2nd Prize

#2 v  7 + 13

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Marjan Kovačević (08-04-1957) Serbian composer and Grandmaster

Marjan Kovačević

Marjan Kovačević has been GM in composition since 2007, International Judge since 1989 and GM in solving since 1988. He is a very regular and genial presence at the World Chess Composition Congress. Besides being a first class solver and composer, he is also an excellent writer, thanks to his professional experience as a journalist. His latest remarkable achievement in that field was his Mat Plus article-interview about Odette Vollenweider.
His problems are usually very elegant:

Kovačević, Marjan
FIDE World Cup, 2010
1st HM

h#3.5 2.1...
5 + 7

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A recent twomover success:

Kovačević, Marjan
Olympic Tourney 2010
2nd Prize

#2* v 10 + 9

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Олег Викторович Перваков (08-04-1960) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Oleg Viktorovich Pervakov)

Oleg Pervakov

Oleg Pervakov is an amazing endgame studies composer renowned for the quality of his output. He is also known as a collaborator of the Russian chess magazine "64" and as a Fide Master for solving.
He has also written a book in collaboration with Mark Dvoretsky "Studies For Practical Players: Improving Calculation And Resourcefulness In The Endgame".
For a selection of studies by Pervakov, please have a look at this site.

A very tactical endgame:

Перваков, Олег Викторович
Shanshin-40JT - Die Schwalbe 1st Prize ,

+ 6 + 3

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