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April 25th

W.J.Miller (25-04-1838) American composer

Only one known problem by this composer, but such a delightful piece:

Miller, W. J.
Sunny South, 3rd Aug 1889 (644)

#2 6 + 5

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Friedrich Freiherr von Wardener (25-04-1873 - 15-01-1964) Austrian composer

Friedrich Freiherr von Wardener
Die Schwalbe, April 1963
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Von Wardener was a composer of direct mates and strategic multimovers, but also of helpmates.

Freiherr Von Wardener, Friedrich
Reclam-Sammlung V

#4 7 + 9

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Freiherr Von Wardener, Friedrich
Die Welt, 1957

h#4b) -bBc5
c) = b) + wSd7->c6
d) = c) + bKa6->f6
2 + 5

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Freiherr Von Wardener, Friedrich
Aachener Anzeiger, 1933 (746)

h#5 3 + 4

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John Denis Martin Nunn (25-04-1955) British composer (and double GM)

John Nunn

John Nunn is o.t.b. GM and solving GM, he was also three times Solving World Champion and once Solving European Champion. He is the author of numerous articles and books, of which we can quote here "Solving in Style" (1983) and his series of books "Secrets of Endings"; for a more complete list of his works, please have a look on Wikipedia.

You might prefer the long task #24 which won a prize, but we prefer something more restrained:

Nunn, John Denis Martin
The Problemist, Mar 2005 (H2855)

h#32 solutions 6 + 7

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Thomas Brand (25-04-1958) German composer

Thomas Brand
[Thomas Brand's website]

Thomas Brand composes in all genres, with a preference for (fairy) Proof Games. He is the retro editor for Die Schwalbe. He expressed his views about fairy retros here.
His website "Rund um die Retroanalyse" can be found here, especially his blog about Retros and Fairy Retros.

Brand, Thomas
Probleemblad, 1996
6th HM

Proof Game in 16.5 moves 15 + 15

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Brand, Thomas & Geissler, Norbert
Die Schwalbe, 1993
3rd Prize

h#5 4 + 14

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Luboš Kekely (25-04-1959) Slovak composer

Ludo Lehen & Luboš Kekely, 2008
[V. Kotesovec]

Luboš Kekely is the studies editor for Pat a Mat.

Kekely, Ľuboš
Umenie 64, 2001 (0800)

+ 3 + 3

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Lubomír Ursta (25-04-1970) Czech composer

Lubomir Ursta
[his website]

Lubomir Ursta was interested in a new sort of stipulation, combining help play and direct play: help-direct-mate. A series of help moves is used to reach a position where the stipulation will be direct: direct mate, selfmate or reflexmate.
One example will be sufficiently clear:

Ursta, Lubomír
Bulgarski Problemist (2004/)

h3#22.1.1... 2 + 7

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The award by Michal Dragoun of the composing tourney launching this new type of stipulation can be found on Lubomir Ursta's website.

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