Friday, April 6, 2012

April 5th

Arthur Gehlert (05-04-1833 - 13-01-1904) German composer

The model mates of this threemover might interest the reader. We selected another spectacular threemover that captures the spirit of its time:

Gehlert, Arthur
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1900

#3 6 + 8

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Slobodan Mladenović (05-04-1934 - 01-09-1993) Yugoslav composer

Slobodan Mladenović is GM Miodrag Mladenović's father [note for Kevin: Misha is GM both for solving and composing] and took regularly part in WCCC meetings. Slobodan composed mostly twomovers and threemovers.

Mladenović, Slobodan
Die Schwalbe, Jun 1972
2nd Prize

#2* 8 + 8

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Mika Korhonen (05-04-1958) Finnish composer

Mika Korhonen
[© Hannu Harkola]

Mika Korhonen composed few problems and his most successful one is this twomover:

Korhonen, Mika
2nd WCCT, 1980
5th Place, 1980-1983

#2* 7 + 5

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Jorma Paavilainen (05-04-1960) Finnish composer and GM solver 

K. Karhunen, J. Norri and Jorma Paavilainen on the right

Jorma Paavilainen is most known as the world chess solving champion in 2001 (Wageningen) and as the Chairman and Editor of "Tehtäväniekka", the Finnish chess composition magazine. He composes in all genres.

Paavilainen, Jorma
Baltic Match
1st Place

#4 12 + 10

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Erik Gustav Bertil Pettersson (05-04-1917) Swedish composer

Bertil Pettersson
Problem, September 1969
[Thanks toАлександр Никитин]

Pettersson, Erik Gustav Bertil
Springaren, 1956 (3606)

s#8  10 + 7

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Tadeusz Horak (05-04-1904 - 06-12-1982) Polish composer

According to, Tadeusz Horak composed about 120 chess problems, in all genres.

Horak, Tadeusz
1st-2nd Prize
Polski Zadaniowiec, 1929

s#2  6 + 15

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  1. LOL @ "note for Kevin." Very funny -- hey, I'm just trying to help. btw, Misha is also an International Judge of chess composition (1964). haha. But, seriously, his father was an impressive composer, in his own right, and he deserves the focus today -- and my name deserves no place in that tribute.

    1. The "note for Kevin" was intended as a friendly poke. Your help and corrections are always welcome, since we try (among other things) to provide accurate information. As you know, it is always difficult, especially when mistakes are unknowingly copied and transmitted to the next generation.

      Misha's father Slobodan certainly deserves to be quoted in twomover anthologies and therefore on this blog too. Milan Velimirovic certainly knows more about him.

      Misha will be celebrated too, when his time comes. Please be patient until June. However, I'm not sure about Misha being International Judge since 1964, because he was born in 1964 :-)