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Walter Hood Thompson (06-04-1873 - 28-02-1938) British (Scottish) composer

The following information is quoted from this genealogical site about the Thompson family.

He published "A list of books containing chess problems" in 1908, and contributed to "Ceské melodie: eine sammlung von 202 schachaufgaben" by Josef Pospíšil also published in 1908. Walter played (and lost) in a memorable chess game against Daniël Noteboom in Ramsgate in 1929.

Thompson, Walter Hood
Les Tours de Force, 1906

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György Bakcsi (06-04-1933 - 11-10-2019) Hungarian composer and Grandmaster

György Bakcsi

Grandmaster since 1980 and International Judge (for several categories: direct mates, selfmates, helpmates and fairy problems!) since 1979, György Bakcsi composed often humorous and pleasant problems. He also intensively collaborated with László Zoltán and they wrote an interesting collection of their works, "A FURCSA PÁR" (The Odd Couple). His problems are particularly admired by Chris Feather.

He was the editor of the chess composition column of Sakkélet from 1976 until 1985 and also wrote many books about chess problems, among which we may quote "Gondolat es Strategie" (1970) and "En passant felugyelo visszater" (1985).
For many more biographical details, refer to the Hungarian Wikipedia.

Bakcsi, György Jr. & Zoltán, László
feenschach, 1991
4th Prize

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Christopher James Austin Jones (06-04-1952) British (Scottish) composer and Grandmaster

Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones is renowned for his helpmates in 3 with white Rook and Bishop and diagonal-orthogonal correspondence. These problems have established him among the top helpmate composers in the world. They have also provided solvers with innumerable hours of pleasant solving. Christopher Jones has also composed other helpmates in 3, as well as direct mates and fairy problems.
He is the editor of the helpmate section of The Problemist.
For more biographic data, please read

Jones, Christopher James Austin
Problem Online, 8th Nov 2005 (E0027)

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Евгений Викторович Марков (06-04-1971) Russian composer (Evgeny Viktorovich Markov)

Evgeny Markov composes direct mates and helpmates. He tends to favour model mates and miniatures.

Марков, Евгений Викторович
StrateGems, 2007

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