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April 13th

Otto von Oppen (13-04-1783 - 13-04-1860) German composer

Otto von Oppen was the editor of the Deutsche Schachzeitung between 1849-1858 (as was Johann Berger between 1899-1916).

Von Oppen, Otto
Schachzeitung, 1848

#4 6 + 9

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Robert Braune (13-04-1845 - 07-03-1924) Austrian composer

100 of his problems are collected in one of the Christmas Series opus "Robert Braune: apôtre de la symétrie" (1914). Here is a threemover in the spirit of this book:

Braune, Robert
Schachzeitung, 1874

#3 9 + 9

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Robert Gavin Thomson (13-04-1861 - 22-03-1951) British composer

Robert Gavin Thomson composed mostly twomovers. You may have a look at his problems, which do not lack subtlety, such as this Pickaninny or this display of varied battery plays. This s#2 is not bad either.

Thomson, Robert Gavin
The Chess Amateur, 1921
1st Prize

#2 v 8 + 7

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Thomson, Robert Gavin
Les Mille et un Mats Inverses, 1907

s#3 10 + 8

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Eduards Frizis Valciņš (13-04-1913 - 31-10-1992) Latvian composer

Eduards Frizis Valciņš composed direct mates, helpmates and also selfmates such as this interesting s#2 with line openings.

Valciņš, Eduards Frizis
Schach (Berlin) 1961
1st Prize

h#4 4 + 4

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Юрий Белякин (13-04-1921) Russian composer (Yuri Beliakin)

Yuri Beliakin
Problem, February 1968
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Белякин, Юрий
На смену! 1952
2nd Prize

#3 7 + 6

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Siegmar Borchardt (13-04-1936) German composer

Siegmar Borchardt composes moremovers and especially miniature moremovers.

Borchardt, Siegmar
Problem-Echo, 2003

#5 4 + 1

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Hans Maarten Timotheus (Tim) Krabbé (13-04-1943) Dutch composer and writer

Tim Krabbé
Tim Krabbé]
His chess curiosities and chess diary are well known from the public. If you don't know them, prepare yourself for many hours of discoveries. Unfortunately Tim Krabbé has decided to spend time writing novels instead of writing new entries for his website. He also composes problems and this moremover testifies in his favour:

Krabbe, Tim
Chess Curiosities, 1985

#22 7 + 12

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Евгений Васильевич Фомичёв (13-04-1964 - 09-05-2023) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Evgeny Vasilyevich Fomichev)

Evgeny Fomichev obtained the titles of International Judge, FIDE Master in solving and in composing in 2010 (source: Handbook of Chess Composition, page 47). He became Grandmaster in composition in 2019.

Evgeny Fomichev, between Vladimir Blokhin and Aleksandr Azhusin, Moscow 2010
Vladimir Tyapkin]

Фомичёв, Евгений Васильевич
B.Rustamov-50 JT, 2010
5th Prize

h#24 solutions
6 + 7

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