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April 30th

Jan Vašta (30-04-1885 24-03-1968) Czech composer

Jan Vašta composed about 700 Bohemian problems. M. Soukop dedicated his book "Jan Vašta - Zlatý prut" (1942) to Vašta's work: it can be downloaded here.
Erik Zierke commented this threemover in "Weniger bekannte Stücke" (page 76) which can be downloaded from Ralf Krätschmer's site.

A very typical Bohemian direct mate to start today's menu:

Vašta, Jan
Hampshire Telegraph and Post, 1920
3rd Prize

#3 5 + 6

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Gyula Breyer (30-04-1893 - 09-11-1921) Hungarian-Slovak player and composer

Gyula Breyer
[cover of Ivan Bottlik's book]

Gyula Breyer is known as one of the founders of the hypermodern school, but in his short life he found time to compose some chess problems. Most of them were direct mates, usually blocks, such as this #3 or as the following twomover:

Breyer, Gyula
Magyar Sakkvilág, 1917

#2 10 + 14

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He also composed a magnificent retro problem, unfortunately cooked, but corrected by Gerd Wilts in 1991. How can the position be unlocked?

Breyer, Gyula & Wilts, Gerd
Chess Amateur, 1922
Correction: Die Schwalbe, 1991
Special Prize

Last 85 moves? 13 + 13

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Heinrich Bernleitner (30-04-1937 - 16-01-2010) Austrian composer

Heinrich Bernleitner composed direct mates, selfmates, helpmates and fairy problems (mostly Circe), sometimes in collaboration with Klaus Wenda or Helmut Zajic.
The reader may discover here a h#2 awarded 5th Commendation, Probleemblad 2001.

Bernleitner, Heinrich
feenschach, 1986 (4807)
2nd Prize

2 + 5

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Станіслав Григорович Білокінь (30-04-1939 - 21-02-1984) Ukrainian composer (Stanislav Grigorovich Bilokin)

Stanislav G. Bilokin
Problem, May 1979
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Stanislav Bilokin composed mostly endgame studies (more than 200), with some incursions into helpmates and direct mates.
Here is a short study, which shows twice the same theme:

Білоконь, Станіслав Григорович
Z.Birnov MT, 1969

+ 4 + 3

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And a longer one, where the bQ cannot get rid of a bothersome white Bishop:

Білоконь, Станіслав Григорович
Ukrain Ty, 1978
3rd Prize

= 4 + 3

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N. Rajagopalan (30-04-1955 - 1995) Indian composer

We have very little information about N. Rajagopalan, except that he has composed twomovers.

Rajagopalan, N.
4th WCCT A1, 1989
6th Place, 1989-1992

#2 9 + 9

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  1. Are you sure that Heinrich Bernleither passed away in 2004?! WinChloe gives 16-01-2010 as the date of his death.

    1. 2004 was the date we had, with a question mark. It's been corrected with the right date (16th January 2010).

  2. about Stanislav Bilokin

    In the latest Harold van der Heijden database
    exist the name Belokon = S
    from 1963 until 1987 there are 137 studies in this database

    1. There are two transliterations of his name: from the Ukrainian Білокінь or from the Russian Белоконь.
      We privileged the native writing, in Ukrainian. In HvdH database, the Russian version was chosen.