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April 26th

Johann Joseph Petrus Adrianus Seilberger (26-04-1896 - 12-02-1962) Dutch composer

J.J.P.A. Seilberger
[Scan by M. McDowell]

Johann Seilberger is the author of more than 1,000 problems, of which 700 twomovers. He wrote "Het Oplossen van Schaakproblemen" (1919) together with Cor Goldschmeding, a good collection of problem themes.

Seilberger, Johann Joseph Petrus Adrianus
Magyar Sakkélet, Aug 1959 (2593)
3rd Prize

#3 8 + 11

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Seilberger, Johann Joseph Petrus Adrianus
Arbejder-Skak, 1954

s#2 12 + 7

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Arnold Beine (26-04-1954) German composer

Arnold Beine, Wageningen 2006
Franziska Iseli]

Arnold Beine is the fairy editor of Die Schwalbe and a usual presence at German problemists' meetings.

Arnold Beine won several prizes in feenschach 2004 with Köko + Double Maximummer problems and has composed a great deal of such problems. The most impressive one is the following (but it is not really for solving):

Beine, Arnold
feenschach 157, 2004 (233)
1st Prize

b) bPb5->a3
2 + 2

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Kari Valtonen (26-04-1954) Finnish composer

Kari Valtonen
[© Hannu Harkola]

Kari Valtonen composes in all genres - endgame studies, direct mates, selfmates, helpmates. He is also Solving Grandmaster.
His award for his Jubilee Tourney Valtonen-50 can be read here.
He compiled the book "Encyclopedia of Chess Problems" (2012) together with Milan Velimirovic.
He has also been involved with the magazines Suomen Shakki and Suomen Tehtäväniekat. Nowadays he is taking care of the direct mates section of Tehtäväniekka magazine and he is writing high class articles about chess problem themes to Tehtäväniekka.
Valtonen, Kari
The Problemist, 1981
3rd Prize

#2* 9 + 9

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This r#3 deserves a look:

Valtonen, Kari
The Problemist, 2000

r#3  12 + 11

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Thorsten Zirkwitz (26-04-1965 - ??-06-2016) German composer and International Master

Michael Keller, Martin Wessels and Thorsten Zirkwitz, 2000
[TZ's site with the Wayback Machine]

Thorsten Zirkwitz has mostly composed direct mates in collaboration (mainly with Keller) and has obtained many prizes. His personal webpage proposes a collection of his own problems classified by genres and themes, a list of chess problems links. He presents himself and his career as a problemist on this page [his site on the Wayback Machine] : his 'home ground' is the threemovers and two of his favourites problems are this one in the strategic style [broken link] or this #6 in the logical style [broken link].

Here is a list of his articles, as presented on his website [broken links, but all documents are saved on Google Drive]:
Th. Zirkwitz: Nadeshda Leontewa - Portrait einer Problemkomponistin, Die Schwalbe, Heft 122, April 1990, pp. 209-214. On Google Drive, Part one, Part two and Part three.
Th. Zirkwitz: Das Ruchlis-Thema im Dreizüger, Die Schwalbe, Heft 128, April 1991, pp. 401-408. On Google Drive Part one, Part two and Part three.
Th. Zirkwitz: A Short Introduction to the Bohemian Chess Problem, The Problemist Supplement, issue 10, January 1994, pp. 78-80. On Google Drive: link.
Th. Zirkwitz & M. Tribowski: Die Popandopulo-Batterie, Die Schwalbe, Heft 149, Oktober 1994, pp. 543-548. On Google Drive Part one and Part two.
Th. Zirkwitz: Wechselseitige dreifache Blockpunkte im logisch-orthodoxen Dreizüger, Die Schwalbe, Heft 161, Oktober 1996, pp. 473-476. On Google Drive: link.
Th. Zirkwitz & M. Keller: Ein neuer Dombrovskis-Effekt im Dreizüger, Die Schwalbe, Heft 186, Dezember 2000, pp. 582-584. On Google Drive: link.

Thorsten Zirkwitz died in the beginning of June 2016.

The selected problem is spectacular enough:

Zirkwitz, Thorsten
Die Schwalbe, 1994
1st Prize

#6VerticalMirrorCirce 7 + 11

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