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Manfred Zucker (15-04-1938 - 23-10-2013) German composer and FIDE Master

 Manfred Zucker in 2008

Manfred Zucker was the editor of the "Probleme und studien"column in Schach from April 1973 until 2000 and has become the editor of the moremovers and selfmates column in Problem-Forum. He is also an International Judge.
Martin Hoffmann wrote Manfred Zucker's portrait in "Das Porträt: Manfred Zucker, Chemnitz" published in Schweizerische Schachzeitung which can be read online here. Fritz Hoffmann, Günter Schiller, Karl-Heinz Siehndel and Manfred Zucker wrote "407 Aufgaben und Studien" in 1984.
Manfred Zucker composed moremovers and selfmates, as well as some studies.

His eulogy in German language „Matt in 75 Zügen“ can be read and downloaded here.

Zucker, Manfred
Schach-Echo, 1975
2nd HM

s#9 5 + 2

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Friedrich Chlubna (15-04-1946 - 06-01-2005) Austrian composer and International Master

Friedrich Chlubna, between Manfred Zucker and Wolfgang Weber, Dresden 1980

Friedrich Chlubna was an International Judge a prolific writer: "Problempalette" I and II with Klaus Wenda; "Paul Keres der Komponist" with Alexander Hildebrand; in 1994 "Versunkene Schätze", "Dreiklang und Schach für Nußknacker - Eine Einführung in die Welt des Schachproblems" (review of the book by Ralf Krätschmer here) and about seflmates "Das Matt des weißen Königs", an important work.
Juraj Lörinc paid homage to Friedrich Chlubna in 2005 after his death by presenting some of his problems : see here

Chlubna, Friedrich
1st WCCT, 1972
1st Place, 1972-1975

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10 + 8

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Friedrich also obtained a 2nd place in the same WCCT with the splendid threemover:

Chlubna, Friedrich
1st WCCT B2, 1972
2nd Place, 1972-1975

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You may also like the bS Rundlauf in this h#4.

Wilfried Seehofer (15-04-1957) German composer

Wilfried Seehofer is the problem editor of the Austrian review Schach-Aktiv. He is also a notable composer of Wenigsteiner problems, as can be seen in this winner of the Wenigsteinerjahrespreis. He wrote the book "Gerhard Pfeiffer: Schachmeister und Problemkomponist" in 2001.

Seehofer, Wilfried
Problemkiste, Dec 2004 (151/6324)

s#52 solutions
3 + 2

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Ragnar Boman (15-04-1910 - ?) Swedish composer

Ragnar Boman
Problem, September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Ragnar Boman composed studies.

Boman, Ragnar
Tidskrift för Schack, 1953

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Яков Ефимович Каменецкий (15-04-1915 - 09-01-1991) Belarus composer (Yaakov Efimovich Kamenetsky)

Yaakov Kamenetsky

Yaakov Kamenetsky composed direct mates and was specialized in twomovers. One of his studies can be found here.
He was involved in chess journalism, pedagogy, composition, o.t.b. play, correspondence competitions and arbitration. Some details about him can be found on and more on on His last journalistic piece (a conversation with Boris Gelfand) appeared in December 1990, three weeks before Kamenetsky’s death.

One of his first problems:

Каменецкий, Яков Ефимович
2nd Prize
Матч «Пионерская правда» - «Ленинские искры», 1931

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