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April 7th

Fricis Apšenieks (Frantz Apscheneek) (07-04-1894 - 25-04-1941) Latvian composer

Fricis Apšenieks
[Chess History]

Fricis Apšenieks was a chess player who played for Latvia at seven Chess Olympiads. He also composed problems, like another prominent Latvian chess player, Herman Mattison.

Apšenieks, Fricis
Deutsches Wochenschach, 1924

#3 4 + 3

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Francisco Armengol Burgues (07-04-1894 - 12-01-1977) Spanish composer

F.Armengol Burgues
[Ajedrez reverte]

Francisco Armengol Burgues was the editor of the chess columns in “La Nao” and “L'Opinió” .

Armengol Burgues, Francisco
La Stratégie, 1937

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Dénes Géczi (07-04-1925 - 22-12-1991) Hungarian composer

Dénes Géczi

Géczi, Dénes
The Problemist, 1980

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Christopher Cedric Lytton (Sells) (07-04-1939) British composer

Cedric Lytton
[EDP24 [broken link]]

Cedric Lytton was born in South Australia and is a mathematician. He became president of the British Chess Problem Society in 2009. He is also International Judge and was during many years the sub-editor of the fairy section for The Problemist, then of its retro section.

Lytton, Christopher Cedric
The British Chess Magazine, 1969
2nd HM

ser-h#5b) Rotate 270
c) Rotate 180
d) Rotate 90
5 + 2

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José Gabriel Mariz Graça (07-04-1928) Portuguese composer and Honorary Master

Gabriel Mariz is a direct mate composer.

Mariz Graça, José Gabriel
British Chess Federation 80th Tourney 1955
3rd Prize, 1955-1956

#2 9 + 11

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