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April 7th

Fricis Apšenieks (Frantz Apscheneek) (07-04-1894 - 25-04-1941) Latvian composer

Fricis Apšenieks
[Chess History]

Fricis Apšenieks was a chess player who played for Latvia at seven Chess Olympiads. He also composed problems, like another prominent Latvian chess player, Herman Mattison.

Apšenieks, Fricis
Deutsches Wochenschach, 1924

#3 4 + 3

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Francisco Armengol Burgues (07-04-1894 - 12-01-1977) Spanish composer

F.Armengol Burgues
[Ajedrez reverte]

Francisco Armengol Burgues was the editor of the chess columns in “La Nao” and “L'Opinió” .

Armengol Burgues, Francisco
La Stratégie, 1937

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Dénes Géczi (07-04-1925 - 22-12-1991) Hungarian composer

Dénes Géczi

Géczi, Dénes
The Problemist, 1980

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Christopher Cedric Lytton (Sells) (07-04-1939) British composer

Cedric Lytton
[EDP24 [broken link]]

Cedric Lytton was born in South Australia and is a mathematician. He became president of the British Chess Problem Society in 2009. He is also International Judge and was during many years the sub-editor of the fairy section for The Problemist, then of its retro section.

Lytton, Christopher Cedric
The British Chess Magazine, 1969
2nd HM

ser-h#5b) Rotate 270
c) Rotate 180
d) Rotate 90
5 + 2

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José Gabriel Mariz Graça (07-04-1928) Portuguese composer and Honorary Master

Gabriel Mariz is a direct mate composer.

Mariz Graça, José Gabriel
British Chess Federation 80th Tourney 1955
3rd Prize, 1955-1956

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Jorma Pitkänen (07-04-1941 - 08-02-2022) Finnish composer

Jorma Pitkänen was active as a player, solver, and composer. He was a very prolific composer with more than 8 000 published compositions.
In addition, he organised composing competitions and published booklets presenting his compositions.
His first collection of problems, “Ensilaadintoja” (“First Compositions”) was published in 1990. According to Pitkänen has composed and published more than 7500 chess problems and studies. The reader may find some of his studies here.

Pitkänen, Jorma
3rd Prize
Springaren 2008

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