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April 14th

Efim Dmitriyevich Bogolyubov (14-04-1889 - 18-06-1952) Russo-German player and composer (Ефим Дмитриевич Боголюбов)

Efim Bogolyubov as a young man

Efim Bogolyubov was a player and Grandmaster who played two matches against Alexandre Alekhine for the world championship (here for details).
Towards the end of his life he seemed to believe that posterity would remember him for his chess problems rather than for his chess games, as recalled Emil Diemer. He composed direct mates and endgame studies, for instance this moremover or the following threemover:

Bogoljubow, Efim Dmitrijewitsch
Staunton-100 JT, 1951

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Marcel Segers (14-04-1913 - 13-10-2006) Belgian composer

Marcel Segers was a famous Belgian chess composer specialized in 2 movers. He is the author of "Le thème des essais par les coups matants de jeu apparent et du jeu réel" (1991).

Segers, Marcel
Munkássakk, 1935
1st Prize

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Einar Wennick (14-04-1925) Swedish composer

Wennick, Einar
Die Schwalbe, Apr 1973

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Leif Carl Schmidt (14-04-1936 - 14-11-2012) Danish composer

Leif Schmidt

Leif Schmidt has composed about 150 problems and written "Dansk Skakliteratur" (1973), "Problemskak Larsen" (1981), "Tuxens Skakopgaver" (1984). He has also been the editor of the Danish magazine "Thema Danicum" for 20 years. The curious reader may see a selection of his problems on Problemskak website.

As Bjørn Enemark wrote:
"[Leif Schmidt was] very conscientious about his work as editor of the respected magazine. Six years ago when he felt that his strength was declining, he announced the closing of Thema Danicum a year later, managed to speed up and obtain the missing verdicts, had indexes and overviews produced and was able to close down the magazine perfectly without any loose ends. In respect for him we wanted to let Thema Danicum stand as his work."

Schmidt, Leif Carl
Upsala Nya Tidning, 1975
3rd HM

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