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April 20th

Thomas King-Parks (20-04-1884 - 23-11-1918) Irish composer

Thomas King-Parks was a direct mate and endgame study composer. Here is a hard nut to crack:

King-Parks, Thomas
Football-Field, 1908
1st Prize

#2 13 + 8

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Oskar Strýček (20-04-1947) Czech composer

Strýček, Oskar
Problemista, 1969 (2070)
1st Comm.

#6 4 + 7

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Eduardo Daniel Kelly (20-04-1914 - 27-06-1987) Argentinian composer

Eduardo Daniel Kelly was a helpmate and series composer. His series double stalemate from feenschach 1972 is worth a look.

Kelly, Eduardo Daniel
Ajedrez Mágico, Jul 1971 (28/annex sheet)
1st Prize, ex aequo

ser-h=16 12 + 7

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Henry Hannes Tanner (20-04-1955) Finnish composer

Henry Tanner
[© Hannu Harkola]

Henry Tanner is a regular contributor of Tehtäväniekka, the Finnish chess problem magazine. He has been an International Master in solving since 2002. He composes in all genres
Readers can discover the award of the Henry Tanner 50 Jubilee Tourney online.

Tanner, Henry Hannes
Ideal-Mate Review, 1994

h#6.5  b) bKe5
   2 + 3

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Χαράλαμπος (Χάρης) Φουγιαξής (20-04-1966) Greek composer and International Master (Harry Fougiaxis)

Harry Fougiaxis is a helpmate specialist, International Judge and International Master, but also the President of the World Federation for Chess Composition.
Emmanuel Manolas quoted Harry's autobiographical pamphlet in his two-parts article dedicated to Harry and it is a highly recommended read, with finely chosen problems.

Fougiaxis, Charalampos Harry
Probleemblad, 1987
1st Prize

h#3b) bPd6-->e3
3 + 14

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Fougiaxis, Charalampos Harry
Springaren, 1992

h# 4 + 10

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And finally a helpmate with Chinese pieces, one of Harry's specialties:

Fougiaxis, Charalampos Harry
Springaren, 1992
1st Prize

h#2b8: Leo
e8, h8, d3, c2: Vao
a6, c6: Pao
b) LEO b8->e1
6 + 10

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Gustav Henry Källgren(20-04-1915) Swedish composer

Gustav Henry Källgren
Problem, September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Gustav Källgren composed direct mates and helpmates. Here is an example of what he could compose at only 17:

Källgren, Gustav Henry
Swedish Chess Federation, 1932
1st Prize

#2  13 + 11

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