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August 9th

Burney Means Marshall (09-08-1886 - 04-09-1957) American composer

Burney Means Marshall was a telegraph operator in Shreveport, LA (source).

Marshall, Burney Means
The Chess Review, Mar 1938 (958)
Prize, Honor

#2 8 + 11

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Pieter Feenstra Kuiper (09-08-1888 - 22-10-1969) Dutch composer

Pieter Feenstra Kuiper's book "Het Half-Pin Thema"
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Pieter Feenstra Kuiper was a twomover composer. He is famous for his book about half-pins written in two volumes in 1947 and 1956: "Het Half-Pin Thema". He also wrote the 7th volume of the series "Probleemcomponisten" of Dr. Niemeijer, dedicated to van Dijk's works, and a history of chess "De natuurlijke historie van de schaker".
He is also known, in another field, for his work about the green ray, the largest single repository of green-flash observations, "De Groene Straal" (1926).

Feenstra Kuiper, Pieter
Volksgazet, 1953
4th HM

#2 12 + 9

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Axel Frydolf Ericsson (09-08-1901 - 12-02-1984) Swedish composer

Axel Ericsson
Problem, September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Axel Ericsson composed direct mates and studies.
Alexander Hildebrand wrote a booklet dedicated to Ericsson's studies: "Studier av Axel Ericsson" (1982).

Ericsson, Axel Frydolf
Tidskrift för Schack, 1959
1st Prize

#3 11 + 8

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Joseph Theodor Breuer (09-08-1916 - 17-04-1999) German composer

Joseph Theodor Breuer"
[Die Schwalbe Fragebogen 1960 page 17]

Not to be confounded with Josef Johann Breuer, the author of "Beispiele zur Ideengeschichte des Schachproblems" (1982).
Joseph T. Breuer composed, just like Josef J. Breuer, direct mates in 3 and more moves.

Breuer, Joseph Theodor
Deutsche Schachblätter, 1949
1st Prize

#4 7 + 2

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